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    Updated the first post with the new extension, but I could only rename the title in the still shows up in the main list as "5E - Theogeek's Improved Critical"

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    Brilliant to see more PF2 support.

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    Just added your extension to a new PF2 campaign, but I don't see where the options for it are?

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    Just loaded up my 5e campaign where I use your extension, and the options have disappeared from there as well.

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    well, if it's in a folder, it works, but when I create the ZIP and rename it to EXT it no longer works. Looking into it, but if you unzip it in your extension folder, it should work for now till I can figure it out...weird.

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    Got it. Apparently, in the extension.xml file, if the extension is unzipped in a folder, this works:

    <script name="ImprovedCritical" file="/scripts/ImprovedCritical.lua" />

    but when it is zipped into an EXT file, it doesn't. Note the leading "/" that is wrongly added.

    Removed that slash and it works now.

    Get Version 6.0 from the main page again.

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    Also, I don't play PF2 so I can't really debug it well. If you find anything, let me know and I'll see what I can do with my limited understanding of that ruleset.

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    The options now turn up, but I don't know if I have the correct options set for PF2.

    These are the settings:

    On a normal hit, the damage is OK, but on a crit the bonus damage appears to be quadrupled rather than doubled. I would have expected the crit damage to have been First die d6=1 (doubled to 2) + deadly die d8=2 + DEX bonus 2 (doubled to 4) for a total of 8, not 12.

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    Normally in PF2 a critical hit would just double the normal damage + any critical traits, in the case above, the rapier has the deadly trait for an extra d8 of damage (but this shouldn't be doubled, and there should be no DEX bonus added)

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