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    Theogeek's Improved Critical (5E/PF)

    !!! This has been moved to the forge !!!!

    See https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...roved-Critical for history.

    7.1.8 - fixed ModHandler registration which was breaking some of the more specialized options of this extension - crit removal was one of them.
    7.1.7 - bug fix to account for a target's crit immune effect that is inactive
    7.1.6 - bug fix for computing critical damage on targets whose "IMMUNE: critical" effect is expiring
    7.1.5 - bug fix for option "Apply if target is crit immune"
    7.1.4 - bug fix for double damage against crit immune targets
    7.1.3 - bug fix for computing modifier damage
    7.1.2 - bug fix for constant DMGO resulting in 0 damage.
    7.1.1 - bug fix for displaying "MAXXED" or "DOUBLED"
    7.1 - Bug fix for Double Damage
    7.0 - Major updates
    - Apply correct critical damage when dragging untargeted critical damage

    Current Version: 7.1.8

    I am releasing this here because I significantly changed the internal workings to make it compatible with my just released Nat 20 extension (if you use that extension, you must use this version of Improved Critical). I renamed it as well to make it more standard, and am only developing in Unity (though testing has been done with FGC as well) so I thought I'd keep them separate just in case. In any case, this version *should* be functionally equivalent to version 3.x and more compatible with other extensions.

    I did remove the "fix damage calculation" option because it seems to be fixed (at least in FGU). If you encounter any issues with this, let me know and I'll add it back.


    Have you ever scored a critical hit only to roll 2 damage? Me too. So I made this extension because I have been disappointed as a player and have had players disappointed in critical hits that do less damage than a standard hit. This extension allows the DM to change the way critical damage is computed. More detail is found in the description of the options below, but quickly, suppose you had a half-orc with 18 strength (and no other bonuses) wielding a greatsword.

    If he scores a critical hit, he would do 2d6 + 3d6 + 5 damage.

    This would normally be pretty sweet, but with some crappy rolls, it could end up with this lameness: you rolling 5 1's and doing 10 damage and your measly human buddy, with no strength bonus, who barely hit, rolling 2 6s for 12 total damage. Lame, right?

    This extension allows you to configure critical hits so that they are actually critical....well...mostly anyway. You can modify the calculation such that, when computing critical damage:

    • standard damage dice are maximized
    • critical damage dice are maximized
    • effect damage dice are maximized
    • total damage is doubled
    • any combination of the above

    Note the output:

    "IMPROVED CRITICAL MAXXED" means that the option was chosen to MAX certain dice
    "IMPROVED CRITICAL DOUBLED" means that the option was chosen to DOUBLE damage dice
    "IMPROVED CRITICAL CRITZEROED" means that the option was chosen to set all extra critical dice to 0
    "IMPROVED CRITICAL CRITREMOVED" means that the option was chosen to REMOVE all extra critical dice

    Note that no matter what option you choose for effect or critical damage dice, they will always be purple or green respectively./

    I am messing with the output to see what makes the most sense from a readability perspective and to save the information I need to properly compute untargeted damage rolls that are dragged to crit immune targets. In the description in the chat window, you'll see somethign like this this (currently) if modifications are made to the roll by the Improved Critical settings.

    For a critical hit with a dagger that does 1d4 piercing and 1d6 fire, you might see this in the chat window:

    "[DAMAGE (M)] Dagger [EFFECTS 1d6] [CRITICAL] [IMPROVED CRITICAL MAXXED] [IC1: D1=4(2),M=5(5),T=9(7)] [IC2: D2=6(2),T=6(2)] [TYPE: piercing (1d4+5=9)] [TYPE: fire (1d6=6)] [TYPE: piercing,critical (2d4=5)] [TYPE: fire,critical (1d6=2)]"

    The improved Critical extension inserted the following into the description:

    "[IMPROVED CRITICAL MAXXED] [IC1: D1=4(2),M=5(5),T=9(7)] [IC2: D2=6(2),T=6(2)]"

    The "IMPROVED CRITICAL MAXXED" tag indicates that this extension modified the damage by maxxing dice. The next entries tell how.

    The "[IC1: D1=4(2),M=5(5),T=9(7)]" tag is parsed as follows:
    • "ICx" - indicates that the first damage clause in the description, the "[TYPE: piercing (1d4+5=9)]" was modified
    • "D1=4(2)" - indicates that the first dice in the roll graphic was part of this clause and it was changed from an original roll of 2 to a 4
    • "M=5(5)" - indicates that the modifier was not changed and remained a 5 (if the Double damage option is selected, this would have looked like M=10(5) for example)
    • "T=9(7)" - indicates that the total damage for that clause was increased from an original value of 7 to a new value of 9 because of the max damage option.

    The second modified clause, "[IC2]", is similar but applies to the second damage clause ([TYPE: fire (1d6=6)]).

    Since there is no IC3 or IC4, it means that the third and fourth damage clauses, "[TYPE: piercing,critical (2d4=5)]" and "[TYPE: fire,critical (1d6=2)]", were unmodified.

    More complex damage rolls are handled the same way. Maybe a greatsword with many damage types or damage effects might have an improved critical clause like this: "[IC1: D1=6(2),D2=6(3),D7=6(1),M=5(5),T=23(11)]". Note the jump in the Dice...D1, D2, D7. This means that in the dice that were displayed in the roll, the first, second, and seventh were part of this clause. This might happen, for example, if the greatsword which does 2d6 slashing damage) had a bunch of damage effects, and the one in order that rolled the seventh damage dice was "DMG: 1d6 slashing". FGU combines like damage types into one damage clause so this would produce a damage clause like "[TYPE: slashing 3d6+5]" as the first damage clause, even though that clause was comprised of die 1,2, and 7.

    Have fun with it and let me know if you have any additional ideas!


    Option Selections Defaults to... Description
    Apply if target is crit immune No, Yes No Whether or not to apply modified damage dice to crit immune targets. This is only for the normal damage such that if this is set to "No" and a critical hit is rolled against a crit immune target, the normal damage dice will remain as rolled regardless of the other settings.
    Disable critical damage dice No, Remove crit dice, Force crit dice to 0 No Whether to leave critical damage dice as rolled, remove them altogether, or set their values to 0.
    Double Dice No, Yes No Whether or not to double all damage dice. This affects maximized dice as well so be careful.
    Max Dice: Critical No, Yes No Whether or not to maximize the critical damage dice.
    Max Dice: Damage No, Yes Yes Whether or not to maximize the normal damage dice.
    Max Dice: Effect No, Yes Yes Whether or not to maximize the effect damage dice.
    Max Dice: First die only No, Of each group, Overall No Should the extension maximize only the first die of a dice group or the first overall die?
    Max Dice: Special Critical No, Yes No Whether or not to maximize the special critical damage dice from the Nat20 extension.
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    Last edited by TheoGeek; Yesterday at 22:23. Reason: Update with info from 7.1.7

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    Our campaign loves this extension
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    Quote Originally Posted by donpaulo View Post
    Our campaign loves this extension
    My rogue loves it, everyone else hates it when the monsters Crit them (and I cackle in laughter)!

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    hehe...At one time, I was thinking about adding an option to make it only apply for PCs, but then quickly changed my mind. What's good for the goose and all...

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    What am I missing, do I need the original ext on too? I am using only yours and none of the crits are working anymore. I am in the settings and can't find it anywhere. I feel stupid lol

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    Hey arcanjl! First, thanks for checking out the extension!

    Second, yeah, you only need v4, you don't need the old one.

    I just tried it with an empty campaign with only v4 of my extension and it was working fine, the options are there and everything. Are you using Unity or Classic? I tried both and both are working.

    You can tell that the extension loaded by seeing this in the chat window when FG starts:


    if that's not there, then the extension isn't loaded.

    You aren't forgetting to select it when you start your campaign are you? That's neeeeever happened to me. hehe

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    FYI, I'm using in FGU with no issues. Used to use in FGC with no issues.

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    I don't know why, but it is making me click it every load. it usually remembers so I jumped the gun on that - sorry guys

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    No worries...glad it's working!

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    Thank you for sharing this!!

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