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    finding online RPers

    What other RPer websites for LFG/LFM can anyone suggest?
    I'd like to look around at RP community websites intended for RPers to hook up, that is RPG application agnostic.

    I seen the LFG/LFM here, but id' like to see what that looks like at places that are not product proprietary.

    I've not delved into this part of the interwebs before, so figure better to ask people that do, than the search algorithm best guesses.

    Thanks for any time and effort you have to give,

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    There are a number of groups on Facebook that are set up to try and facilitate people getting into a gaming group. YMMV and all that.
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    Reddit r/lfg
    EnWorld has a sub-forum I think.

    Not really sure about others.

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    There are also some discord channels that are not product-specific.

    The Filthy Pig Inn and Tavern Asia/Oceania is mainly for people in latitudes related to East Asia, Australia and NZ, and I see players lfg (looking for groups) and DMs lfp (looking for players), and it goes about half-and-half between roll20 and fantasy grounds with a small number of other formats

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