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    Looking for players for Ravenloft Campaign

    Hi all, I am looking for 3-4 players for an long term ravenloft campaign to be played on FG 2.0 . The campaign will be RP heavy and Combat medium to medium light.
    I am looking for players who have at least some experience with D&D 3-3.5. I dont need experts who have read everything published and been playing for 20 years but I need people who know how to create compelling characers and roleplay them fully.
    I have tested parts of this campaign before and it recieved high ratings by those who took part.
    If you are interested please send me a character concept and history by PM on these boards. I will choose those whose characters appear most original and real. If you need more advice on level of depth I am asking for or just want to run through ideas with me feel free to PM me with any questions.
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    I'd be interested. But due to my work schedule I would only be able to participate every 2 weeks.

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    I am really looking for people that can commit to weekly, but should that not be available I will contact you

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    okay, thank you.

    btw, could you also give information about what timezone you are in?

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    Game will probably be around 9 PM EST - this is fairly flexible though

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    hmm, that would be in the middle of the night for me. Think I'll pass .

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    I'm In

    Hey I'll be in can ya private message me your contact info or Instant messenger info because I would love to play in a ravenloft game.

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    I know nothing about the Ravenloft campaign

    I know k=nothing about the ravenloft campaign...
    but I know d20 3 and 3.5..How close to the Living death Campaign is it?

    The time is good for me..

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    I am not familiar with the living death campaign. Ravenloft is a setting of gothic horror set in a realm that most closely resembles its own microcosm of dozens of small domains that operate almost as seperate planes.

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    I am getting people who are interested but unable to make it on thursdays, because of this I am considering changing the day that the game will be held. Thus if you are interested send me what days would work for you along with your character info

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