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    So I finally figured out how to export maps etc and wanted to share the first big project I made to use. I am running Fate of the Fifth the first part of the Attack of the Swarm adventure in Starfinder.

    Late in the book you are sent to a temple, where there is an encounter. The map provided is decent, but felt small, especially for a temple and one of the last few encounters of the book. I decided to redo the whole thing, and make it much larger (I also increased the difficulty for my players )
    I used 3 effects layers, in all, one in an isolated area, and two covering the whole map. If you go to the layers and hide the roof, the inside of the temple is fully laid out. The outer walls I used terrain LOS because it was the only way I could get it to still show the roof layer over top. Overall it worked fine and functioned as a high ground in game, allowing them to still see outside the building while in, but not inside the building while outside.

    I did not pay close attention to which art packs I used, so I would assume you will need the subscription. I also pulled from the Saz Asset Pack, Torstans Asset Pack and Shockbolt Gamemasters Art Pack. No idea where those last three came from, but some of the additional items have been really helpful especially some of the sci-fi assets.
    Any feedback would be really appreciated!
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    Vaelthrine, I really like your blending on the snow/path. It looks good.

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