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    FGU Image and Map Module Exchange

    Hello, and welcome to the FGU Image and Map Module Exchange!

    This thread aims to create a space for sharing your own custom maps and images that have been constructed using art packages within Fantasy Grounds Unity's image creation toolset. Map modules may be created and exported with all of your own unique image creations included and can be shared with other users that also own those art packages used in your module. In this way, modules created contain no actual images but just the technical information that FGU requires to rebuild your original idea. Therefore if you load a module that uses art assets that you do not own, you will instead see red question marks in the image workspace where the actual art assets should be represented. With that said, all art packages should be listed that are referenced inside your modules (the art packages you used to create your custom images).
    For example:

    5 maps: Desert_Temple_map, Forest_Map, Forest_Swamp_Map, Grass_Land_Path, Rocky_Steppes_Map
    (FG Art Pack 2019)

    2 maps: Regional_Map_1, Regional_Map_2
    (FG Regional Map Pack)

    2 maps: Rocky_pass, Frozen Lake
    (FG Art Pack 2019)

    To kick this off, I have created some map modules for you all to use. I will be adding more to this thread as more and more art packages become available, and as time goes on, as well as module content from my Saturday Twitch stream.

    On one last note, we are aware that there is a current bug that rearranges/reorganizes layer and folder order in the layer's list. Thus some of the images may need to have their layers resituated. To help in this, I have named layers and folders in ascending order with a _ followed by a number at the end of each layer or folder's name where organization is essential. Thus Layer_1 would be the bottom with Layer_2 above it and so on.

    Thanks so much, and I am excited to see what you all have created thus far!

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    Awesome stuff, Josh.
    If there is something that you would like to see in Fantasy Grounds that isn't currently part of the software or if there is something you think would improve a ruleset then add your idea here https://www.fantasygrounds.com/featu...rerequests.php

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    Immediately subscribed

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    great stream today! thanks!

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    Jolly good!

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    Canyon Map

    Based on what we learned last week, I created a Canyon Map using only the FG Art Pack 2019. It took me longer than Joshua! It is missing highlights and some shadow information still, but it is mostly done. The left hand side does have a flat open area that will hold a tower for the players to play through when done, though that is being built using a different piece of software so not sure I can share that. If you use the map, put your own group of guys/encampment/building up there. There is also space for a small camp on the far right hand side, along with an ambush place with walls for cover around the bridge.

    As players walk up through the different heights, you may want to turn off the different LOS layers. For example, LOS_UnderBridge_17 is a fix to prevent the characters from seeing the top of the bridge, so you would want to turn that off if the players are walking across the bridge instead of under it.


    P.S. Joshua, you are welcome to look at the map during the live stream if you want to. Also, I really like the art style you use on your assets. I plan to get more of your art packs as they come out because of it.
    9/19/2020 Update - Added Ugak Village map. Uses the FG Art Pack 2019 and the Town Map Pack 2. This map was created for Savage Worlds 50 fathoms quest "A Light in the Dark". Players start at the NE corner and work their way down to the village to save an NPC character they are looking for.

    9/19/2020 Update 2 - The maps where not working when loaded into other campaigns. I think that is fixed now. You will need the Stream_1 from the first post for the village map to work. Also changed the files names to list the packs they use. Do not forget to re-order the layers if needed.

    All map packs assume you have Stream_1 from the first post and the free packs that come with a Standard or Ultimate license. They are not used in every map, but I didn't want to keep making the file names longer and longer. Additional needed art/map packs are listed in the file names.

    Maps with Art Pack 2019 and Town Maps 2
    • Ugak Village map

    Maps with Art Pack 2019
    • CanyonWithSpaceForTowerAndTown

    I will update the files and add more maps as I have time. Later!
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    Added a new module from my Saturday streams in the first post- it contains two maps. The first is a rocky area to demonstrate elevation and the second a frozen lake demonstrating how color can be used to create mood and add diversity to our creations.

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    Updated both my maps above, so you can download the new version if you want to. You will need Stream_1 from the first post to get the village map to work right.

    jwatmough, could you update Stream_1 to work with more than just the CoreRPG ruleset like you did with the other maps?

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    Thank you for catching this, Caballan! Updated!

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    New to the boards here, so first off, thanks to you Josh! These Art Packs and Saturday streams are awesome...they really add tremendous value to FGU which is already such a fantastic platform. Signed up for the yearly Art Pack sub last night. Hopefully I'll be able to join a Twitch stream live soon.

    I'm working on a module that I hope to have in shape enough to share here soon, at least as a work in progress.

    While working on it last night I hit a bit of a snag. I was about to experiment with turning the alpha down on an entire folder of layers to see what that would look like, and instead of hitting the color picker button, I accidentally hit the Reset button! All of the sizing, rotation, and flipping I had done to all of the layers within the folder all got reset. Maybe this was just in this instance, but I wasn't able to Ctrl + z and undo this, so with one misplaced click I gave myself a good 30 minutes of work to do to find all the layers that got reset, and put them back in place. Also, oddly some of these layers ended up literally all over the map. I had to zoom way out to find them, and also couldn't select them by clicking their image on the map, I had to select them in the layer list. One subfolder had like 20 layers of plant clones so clicking through each one to find the strays was a challenge.

    I experimented with a dummy layer and couldn't Edit>Undo a layer reset button click. I rotated and flipped it a few times, hit reset, then tried to Ctrl + z it, no effect.

    Despite all this it's still looking great, I'm sure my players will love it, and it's a ton of fun to do, even with the occasional mishaps!

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