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    AB-con Confusion

    Hello everyone. The player sign ups for AB-CoNfUsIoN have opened!
    If the schedule looks very full, do not panic, we have a number of reserve GMs. We just do not want to schedule those tables until the ones that are already scheduled are full. That way we do not overcrowd the schedule and make sure we have tables with enough signups. Also, if you want to GM something, there is plenty of room in the saturday and sunday slots!

    For the PF2 Special King in Thorns: This special is a bit different than what you might be used to. It has limited replayability. You can play it once in each of the level ranges: 1-2, 3-6 and 7-8. Also worth mentioning, that you will only be able to play a character that fits into those level ranges (the various scenarios versions do list the possible player levels and available pregen levels (if any) in the description.
    So a level 2 character can't play in the 3-6 version of King in Thorns, and neither can a level 3 character play in the 1-2 version.
    Please keep this in mind, make sure that if you play any scenarios earlier in the convention, that you don't level out of the table you're signed up for!

    For the SFS special The Last Bite: Similar to King in Thorns, you can play this scenario twice, once in the 1-4 level range and once in the 5-8 level range. As in King in Thorns, you are not able to play a character from outside of that level range, so you can't play a level 5 character in the 1-4 version.

    Please pay attention to the level ranges ahead of time, if you turn up with a character that is not of the right level, you either have to play a pre-generated character or may not be able to play at all ( for King in Thorns 7-8).

    If you have questions or request, please join us at the convention discord.

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    I am running a table of PFS2 2-02: Mountain of Sea and Sky on AB-Confusion on Fantasy Grounds Unity.

    Currently there still 4 slots open, therefore I am still looking for players . Therefore come and play with us:

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