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    Error when opening Base Spell Table in Unity

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    Hi DodjerArtfell,

    Thanks for reporting it but when I try it I am not getting an error for it. Do you happen to have any extensions loaded so I can try it using those to see if I can replicate the issue?


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    I put in an extra check that should prevent that error from showing up in the future. It should be in the next update.

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    Thanks! BTW, I don't see my reply listed here. Did you receive it?

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    No I didn't.

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    Bummer. Well crap. Maybe I didn't hit post/send. Well.. basically I stated that I had all the 2.1 extensions except the FRP (seemed like it's not quite ready for unity with all the odd numbers in the cat columns) still in the extension folder. Only two were active for the campaign at the time. I believe they were the EXP (didn't understand how to use it though) and the Optional rules/sneaky elf extensions. I had removed all of them and the error resolved, but had not determined which one was giving the issue. There was another set of errors also, but darned if I can recall what it was or what extensions were running and at the time I had not considered taking screen shots sorry.

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    The fix that I put in will just prevent that error message. It won't necessarily deal with the root cause. If you encounter an issue like this in the future, make sure you can replicate it consistently and then try removing one extension at a time until it works. That will tell you which extension was causing the issue.

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