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    Useful Tips and Tricks

    I'm finishing the RM on Fantasy Grounds series with a "tip/tricks and miscellaneous" video.

    Do you have anything you'd like me to add/cover?


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    Most GM's often forget that they can quickly modify their creature's by using the table "02-05 Constitution Table" from the "Creatures & Treasures" book and that can be quite useful. I'd also suggest adding a note with the attack codes for the creatures since they can get a bit confusing after a while.

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    Probably be good to look at what can be accomplished via effects.
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    A trick that I use is to create a separate attack for those spells that deal criticals like Vacuum or Stun Cloud. The drop down list won't contain the critical tables for them but you can open the RM Tables and drag and drop them on the Attack Table for the attack. Make sure the OB is zero and you can select multiple targets and roll their crits. It works well for traps also and saves having to manually put the critical tables in the Table Resolver. Plus one action can roll the criticals for multiple targets.

    I was hoping to show this in the video yesterday but it slipped my mind at the time.

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