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    [PAID] LFPs Custom Solo Games, ideal for niche game-styles/systems and new players.

    FG License: FGC Ultimate, FGU Will be considered if requested.

    Game System: D&D 5e, Fuzion, M&M and more.

    Day of week and Time Zone: All Time Zones offered Any day of the week is possible.

    Planned Duration & Frequency: Weekly is best so we have time to prepare good sessions.
    Duration is up to the group, no modules, so stories are made for specific characters or game styles.

    Voice is preferred (Discord), video and text optional.

    Role-play & Combat mix: We have different styles so depends on what will make the characters shine.

    Number of Players in game & needed: We can maintain quality for up to 30 players.

    Ever found it difficult to arrange games on a specific time slots?

    Do you have a character concept that would have problem existing in the average group or game session?

    Are you shy or simply do not want to play with anyone?

    Want to discover unique new settings that put games on their heads challenging your preconceived ideas?

    Homebrewed content available in multiple game systems.

    We like directing, narrating and dungeonmastering (yes this is a word) games.

    Custom difficulty and learning curve for all experience levels in many systems.

    Multiple DMs with decades of accumulated experience in all sorts of games.

    Flexible hours. 1 on 1 session zero is always free and we offer an introduction of 1 hour for you to have a sense of the Game Master style.

    For solo or duo players 3 hour long sessions are priced 30$ for one shots and 20$ for campaigns.

    One shot Groups: 15 U$D per person for groups of at least 3 players in 4-5 Hours long sessions.

    Group campaigns: 10 U$D per person for groups of at least 3 players in 4-5 Hours long sessions.

    Payment options include Paypal but are not limited to it and we can always find something different if its a problem for you.

    Forum messages
    Discord: Vexpers#4941

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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