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    Are FGC modules compatible?

    Can I use things like the Vampire 5E module for FGU?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RevenantBob View Post
    Can I use things like the Vampire 5E module for FGU?
    Yes, Vampire works fine.

    Some modules might have text rendering issues with special characters like curly-quotes, but other than that everything works pretty much out of the box. Some extensions or rulesets might have issues, but they're working towards fixing that.

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    Any modules purchased from SmiteWorks that exhibit any issues should be reported in the appropriate bug thread and they will be fixed by SmiteWorks. Modules purchased from the DMsGuild or other sources it is the responsibility of the module author to correct/update them if needed.

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    Modules in the FG store will have a version icon to show compatibility - FGC or FGU. And, for FGU compatible modules, a LOS symbol if any of the maps come with preconfigured FGU Line of Sight.
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