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    6th attempt tomorrow! Fingers crossed!!!

    About once a month I drag my players back into Unity to see if it's ready for prime time- and I REALLY want it to be! This will be our 6th attempt, and I am actually kind of nervous I just want it to work.

    We are always plagued by connection issues, map problems between clients, and slow responsiveness. I have 7 Players, so maybe that is a factor, but FGC works flawlessly over the network with that many players and I am certain my computing power isn't to blame (Intel i9 9900K overclocked to 5Ghz, RTX 2080 graphics card, and 64gb of ram with FG running off a NVME SSD drive)

    I just want it to work SO BADLY, so here's hoping it does!

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    Also a large (8 person) party who keeps dipping our toes into Unity before running back to classic. Similar specs (7920x at 4.4, Titan X (P), 64gb of ram and NVME storage), and running AD&D 2E. Have had a great experience with a separate CoC campaign with only 4 players, other than one client having random desync issues with chat a while back, but the large D&D campaign has been a mess of performance issues. Switching to a "local" game and direct connecting via IP improved things a lot, but still had massive slowdown with a large party in the combat tracker particularly on casters with a lot of spells in their spellbooks.

    Hopefully it will be in shape soon.

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    Keen to hear how your game goes/went.

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    We have been running FGU a few times on a lan. All are older pc (dedicated to the game room) and it works, but slow. The newest PC is what I use (Dell Inspiron 11 3195 with 16 ram) but it just can't do it, lol. Anyways, where is bottleneck? Is it the host (GM) pc or just all of them. My hopes if it's just the host pc, we can just upgrade it to a desktop, or is it's just all of them and FGU will just have to wait.

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    Same here, we have our next session 22th August, been quite smooth but noticed slowdowns with a full CT-tracker.
    One of new players (4 total), has a Macbook pro 2017, running Zoom + FGU is still quite taxing, so I'm holding my fingers crossed to see how it will go.

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    I moved a campaign from FGC to FGU mid June - ran 3 sessions all pretty successful. I then moved the other 2 campaigns over early July and have since ran 4 sessions with each.

    So in total, I have ran 11 sessions over 3 campaigns - all pretty successfully.

    Hope this gives you some confidence in trying to use Unity.
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