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    (Yet another) dynamic lighting thread...

    First off, just want to make three things clear.

    I really like FGU and prefer it to all other VTTs.
    Community here is great and mostly positive.
    Yes, I HAVE voted for the features I want to see implemented on the Idea Informer wishlist.

    That said, none of those things change the fact that I'm having a really hard time selling my oldest gaming group on moving to FGU for one main reason: dynamic lighting

    They're on Roll20 currently, but now they are eyeing Foundry, both of which have dynamic lighting and both of which are FG's biggest competitors. I've laid out all the things that FGU can do that neither Roll20 or Foundry can for them. I've held mini-sessions with them, showed them power of the automation (which they love), but they still see moving to a system without dynamic lighting as a "downgrade" in terms of immersion.

    And before you say, find new friends (or at least more imagination-capable ones), it's not that. They're my friends. I'm not just going to dump them. What I've done is started playing with other people, who don't have as much experience with Roll20 or Foundry, in the meantime. But theses guys and gals are my main group, and I really want to run my campaign on FGU with them.

    I know the developers don't like to give roadmaps. And yes, I have read the many posts stating clearly that it will be addressed sometime after release. But here's the problem with that answer:

    - I don't know when "release" will be and can't tell my group, so they choose to "move on" to Foundry, leaving me no choice but to follow or find a new group
    - I'm certainly not the only one in this boat
    - The more time that goes by without even an indication, the more people migrate away

    I'm not expecting a date. But it'd be great to be able to tell them "please hang in there I promise it's coming" instead of...


    Ultimately, I just want my friends to enjoy FG as much as I do, and I hate that there's this one major feature missing that's preventing that.

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    The devs had made clear that dynamic lighting will be added, after full release. Don't know what else can be said that you haven't already heard.

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