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    Linking Rolls on one Table to another Table

    Is it possible to link a result from one table to auto roll on a 2nd Table?

    For example (from Campaign Guide 1E)

    If I look at the Random Race table on Pg 45, I roll a D6. If the result is 1-3 roll on Major Race Table or 4-5 roll on Esoteric Table.

    IS FGU able to handle calls like that or would it be a case of manually rolling on each?


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    See the wiki here https://fantasygroundsunity.atlassia...Random+Results

    What you want is certainly possible. Add the table name in square brackets in the row that you want the table to be rolled on. So in your example:
    1-3 [Major Race Table]
    4-5 [Esoteric Table]

    Or just drag the link for the table you want to roll on and drop it on the row in the table you are rolling on.
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    Yeah that works. It need
    1-3 - [1d6] Table Name.
    4-6 - [1d6] Table Name.


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