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    I'm in Spain and looking for games to join. �� I'm brand new though, so a bit of hand holding may be necessary. Anyhow, I plan on being around for a while.
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    My sister lived in Ronda many years ago, Calle Naranja. what time of day do you usually play?

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    Small world ain't it. We've been here 5+ years (before that California). My favorite local florist is on Calle Naranja.

    Well I haven't played yet (save for a campaign 30 years ago), so I don't have a usual time. However, I'm available a lot. We don't really leave the house, both me and my wife work from home and our daughter is pretty self sufficient these days (as much as a 7yo is capable of).

    In UK times: I'm free Sundays & Tuesdays from 4pm to Midnight. Wednesday to Saturday pretty much anytime from 7am to Midnight. I have a meeting on Mondays twice a month, so they are more touch and go.
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    Life is beautiful.

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    My sis ran a hostal there called Hostal Aguilar, you got any game you prefer? My situation is I have one 5E game that has 5 players, they might accept another (Thursdays 3PM) apart from that I am working the Cthulhu ruleset into shape for my Gaslight campaign but that's a work in progress not yet at recruiting stage. As they say in Spain "el mundo es un pañuelo, somos como mocos" or words to that effect. Ronda is staggeringly beautiful!!

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    Yeah, we're super blessed to call this home. We only planned on being here a year, but the powers that be have us here for the foreseeable future. And to be honest, I'd much rather be here than back home at the moment. I'd never heard that saying... that's a funny one.

    And I'm easy with game preference. I don't really care what I get into as I don't really know the difference. Plus I'm mainly looking to have a good time in general, be creative, be part of a team, and have some friendly interaction... and I'm pretty sure all that can be found in any game.
    Life is beautiful.

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    Well excellent that we have some Euro players even if we're an endangered species

    Once I sort myself out I'll hopefully be diving in - happy gaming folks

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