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    LFPs For multiple Times and Game Systems (Paid)

    Hello Everyone. I am currently offering more availability for those looking for a DM. Be it a long term campaign. Or even just an introduction to gaming and fantasy grounds for your group. I can help out.

    The Days/Times I have available are listed below (in Central Time) . If any of them work for you please let me know. My sessions run typically 3-4 hours.

    Thursday 10AM or 11 AM start time
    Friday 10AM - 7PM Start time
    Saturday : 10 AM - 7PM Start time.

    Here are the systems I am available to run currently. Also note I can run homebrew or Printed Modules/campaigns
    Dungeons and Dragons 5e
    Dungeons and Dragons 4e
    Savage Worlds (Fantasy, Superhero or RIFTs) (RIFTs brought me to Savage Worlds)
    Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game (Note this is a fan made ruleset and has some bugs but is still workable)
    NOTE: I can do other game systems possibly but may take extra time to prepare and learn the system.

    Other things you may wish to know about my game and about me as GM personally. First and formost. I'm a long time gamer, and DM. Ive been running games for over 30years. 10 of them have been right here on Fantasy Grounds. I make a promise to ensure that my games are full of adventure, friendly and inclusive. I do try to keep real world craziness out of my games. When it comes to making a call on a rule that may not be well known or vague. Typically the rule of cool plays a part in that decision. I will usually say. Sure you can try but here is what needs to be done lol.

    SESSION COST: I offer free session zeros, and free character development assistance. After which my regular Sesson fee is $10.00 per session per player with at least a 4 player minimum to make the game happen. If its just you looking for a game without a group. I will also try to help find other players.

    SESSION TYPE: I can run any type of session the players are wanting to take part in. From high amounts of roleplay, to Mindless hack and slash dungeon crawls. From super high adventure, and high fantasy, to Gritty campaigns full of morale choices that have to be made. Or perhaps a combination of the 2 even.

    VOICE or CHAT: I'm a voice DM. I like to talk. I like to also throw out descriptions and create voices from time to time. That being said, every now and then I will use text. However I will nott promise that there will not be typos LOL.

    DISCORD: I have a channel. please come ask my players what they think of my games! Im currently running multiple ones. My link is below

    INTERESTED: Please reach out to me! via PM or through Discord. Let me know in the comments below and iI can PM you if you like.. If you're new I can help you find the path forward to understanding both a game system and this amazing Fantasy Grounds Software!

    ohh yeah here is my discord link
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