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    LF Paid GM for Epic, Ongoing Star Wars Game

    [Seeking Paid DM - Ongoing, Epic Star Wars Campaign]

    I run Legacy Ark Games, a YouTube channel dedicated to supporting and spreading a positive message about disabled/chronically ill gamers. There has been a lot of voluntary support from the community as far as my getting into games, but most are unfortunately far away. I thought I'd give a try at paying a DM to run a game for me so that I can both get used to FG (looking at adding FG sessions to my channel as something fresh) and have a bit of fun for myself!

    Tricky part is that I have a tough request, and I don't have a group - a solo campaign is fine, though. I'm looking for a custom Star Wars campaign starting late in the Clone Wars and going from there, as a high level character. Rulesystems of interest would be Star Wars SAGA, D20, or D6 (prefer SAGA). I'd pay the GM to run this campaign on an ongoing weekly basis, if committed.

    Summary below, using a format borrowed from others...

    FG License: FGU Ultimate, FGC Demo
    Time: 3-6h
    Days of week, frequency, and time: Day of the week negotiable, weekly (possibly more than one game per week), Starting ~1PM EST/Ending ~6PM EST (preferred), OR Starting ~7PM EST/Ending ~11PM EST with times being flexible
    Voice: Discord, or pure text is fine (fast typist here)
    Game System: Star Wars SAGA, D20, or D6 (prefer SAGA)
    Game System Experience: Experienced player, though I need to shake a bit of rust off.
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: Starter, though I've designed a couple of D&D2E characters for a campaign next month with no trouble. Caught on pretty fast to the program.
    Rate: Negotiable. I am physically disabled and can't pay a fortune given my circumstances, but would certainly be open to hearing your rates for my request.
    Contact Method: Please DM @ Legacy Ark Games#0725

    Thank you!

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    You have my discord. I will make a channel for you to also advertise there, no charge. Once I have funds I’ll look into the SAGA as well. Unless you find GM before that is possible.

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    Bump! Still looking for now on the Star Wars front. Also open to someone willing to run a high level to demigod and beyond campaign, once again for pay, using the D&D 3.5e (or maybe AD&D 2nd Ed) rules.

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