FG License: Demo but will to go to Ultimate if needs be
Time Zone: GMT UK
Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Weekly or bi Weekly Friday Evening after 18:00 or Weekends
Term: One Shot to Long campaign just need exposure to this Module
Voice: Any I have Discord and Ts3 Just need to know what you like to use

Game System Preferred: Pathfinder 2e
Game System Experience: 3.5, 5e, Pathfinder 1st & SWFFG.
Fantasy Grounds Experience: New to this website but can easily pick up.

Character Type Preferred: I'll play anything I have no preferred type.

I've play DnD for 8 years now, starting at 3.5 now working in SWFFG but want to return to Pathfinder with 2e out. I need just need a group to play with. I don't really care what we play Heavy roleplay or combat just be clear with what you want. I can only play Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.