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    Interface Zero 3.0 release date or ETA?

    Hey all!
    Does anyone know when the new Interface Zero ruleset will be released? Or if there's an ETA on it's release?
    Was wanting to play some cyberpunk goodness with my group and didn't want to buy 2.0 only to have 3.0 released shortly after.
    And to whomever may be working on it, thank you. You're doing amazing stuff! Looking at the previews of 2.0, awesome work.

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    I finished the conversion a while ago, it is with QA
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    Dude!! Thanks for the reply! Super excited to see it when it comes out. Thank you for your work.

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    Doswelk is it the player book? I know that they’re rewriting sections of that and I believe are still working on the GMs guide. Also did you convert the auction action adventure?

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    dmbrown, I know David Jarvis posted today that they're updating the Hacking to be included in the GMs guide with alternate rulings.
    And you probably already know this part, but the book, while not printed, is up on Drivethrurpg.com.

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