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    Titan Effect issue?

    Hey all!

    So I picked up way too much this morning(ahem).
    SWADE, Titan Effect. and the Super Powers Companion for Fantasy Grounds Classic(FGC)*.
    I'm prepping a few oneshots with these three.
    I look under characters hoping to find the pregens from the demo pdf, and there isn't any. So poking around in the NPC's I find a Pregenerated Characters Group.
    Awesome, I think to myself and I start copying them over to the Characters tab.

    I found out that it moves almost everything except combat abilities/attacks and anything in the inventory(if they had anything)

    If there is a better process to do this, than manually recreating the PC - please let me know.
    Also... why aren't these available in the character tab?
    Below are a couple of screenshots.

    Attached Images Attached Images
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