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    LFP's: group wanted for Forgotten Realms setting: players pick printed adventure

    FG LICENSE I HAVE: Unity Ultimate


    Cost: $5 hour per person, Character Creation free, no imported characters

    GAME SYSTEM: D&D 5e only at the moment


    DAY OF WEEK AND TIME: Mondays through Fridays as I have filled Saturdays and Sundays with private games

    NEW GAME START DATE: when 4 players have created characters and we have determined a play day.

    PLANNED DURATION & FREQUENCY: SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS ARE FULL Open days Mon - Fri - 3 to 4 hour sessions.

    TERM: Long term game from 1st to??

    TEXT OR VOICE: Voice

    VOICE SOFTWARE USED: Discord, Thallos#1184, With sound effects from Syrinscape

    WILL THIS BE RECORDED?: Voice recorded and FG tabletop recorded for DM notes and reference, possible Utube channel if players agree.

    TYPE OF SERVER: LAN or Cloud, All games in a private server...anonymity guaranteed.

    ROLEPLAY & COMBAT MIX: 50/50 unless requested otherwise

    PLAYER AGE: most any, families welcome!

    NUMBER OF PLAYERS WANTED PER GAME: 3 to 6 players per game.

    CHARACTER STARTING LEVEL & EQUIPMENT: Level 1: Class and Background equipment

    CHARACTER STAT ROLLS: Adventurers are not common in my setting, it takes a certain kind of person to adventure and they usually always have very good stats. There are a few foolhardy people but for the most part adventurers are in the hero class not the zero class. With that being said, I have players roll 4d6 reroll all 1’s and 2’s and keep best 3. In FG code it is: “/die 4d6r2d1”, the rest will be discussed during session 0.

    CHARACTER RESTRICTIONS: Restricted to the Books I have on Fantasy Grounds and no others. D&D Rule set only with exceptions, no Wildemount or Eberron. This will change as I get them; read them to adjust game so as not to break the setting your characters will be in. Dual classing okay, no more than two classes per Character will be accepted.

    MAGIC ITEMS: Uncommon

    BOOKS I HAVE ON FG: DMG, PHB, MM, SCAG, XGtE, DH. SKT, DotMM. If a group wants a certain rulebook or adventure I do not have, talk to me, I will try to accommodate you.


    DETAILS OF SCENARIO: Setting in a Forgotten Realms sandbox with intergrated published Campaigns I have - Storm Kings Thunder, Dragon Heist, Dungeon of the Mad Mage, Tomb of Annihilation,

    LINK TO GAME CALENDER PAGE: no link to date.

    SESSIONS OUTLINE: Session 0: Character Creation, Character interaction, how Characters know each other, and no combat just RP, typical session 0.
    Session 1 and beyond: RP gathering of the group and possible combat depending on the players actions.

    TYPES OF GAMES I RUN: RP based with some combat, RP/Combat equal, heavy combat with some RP, Hack and slash, Intrigue, Good, Evil you name it I'll run it for you.

    MY WORK ON GAME: I work on the campaign world for about 25 to 30 hrs a week between maps, NPC's and content. I am reading rereading an maintaining my knowledge of printed adventures Spend countless hours on content of my sandbox world and I have a massive amount of content for the explicable as well as the inexplicable actions of the characters.

    ABOUT THE DM: I have been playing for 41 yrs, DM’ing for 40. I keep up with the times! The players write the story, the DM (me) am but the environment, world, the people (other than the Characters), and everything else the Characters are not.
    I put in many hours (actually years) to come up with a unique setting and set of adventures that can be, but not limited to: Alignment based: Good or Evil, Intrigue: whether it be political, law enforcement, or clergy in nature.

    NOTE: Evil characters can fit into society depending on how they act around others. If a character just goes into town and starts killing people Character will not last, likewise, if part of a cult and plans to take over at 1st level they will not last….Evil equals conniving, possibly sniveling people that play smart.

    SANDBOX MEANING: A sandbox to me means that players can do what they want, go where they want, talk to who they want, and need to be prepared for the consequences that follow, being good or bad. An “open World” like ‘Fallout series’ video games.

    WHAT IS EXPECTED OF PLAYERS: I spend many hours on the campaign/s of my sandbox world. I do not expect the players to spend the same amount of time preparing for game play but a few hours a week working on characters, going over game content to date with each other and generally fleshing out characters helps the story and the overall submersion of the game.

    PLAYER ACTIONS: as stated in “Sandbox Meaning” player can do whatever they wish. Different actions have different outcomes, if nice to an NPC would be one outcome, indifferent to an NPC another outcome, mean to an NPC yet another outcome.

    ABOUT PAYMENT: We can do a weekly payment or a monthly payment, whatever players feel comfortable with. Payments for sessions are expected before play begins. Session 0/Character Creation free.
    PAYMENT TYPE: PayPal, venmo

    Full at the moment!
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    New to the whole online D&D thing, Started in 1st Edition and 2nd edition, took huge break thru 3rd and 4th edition recently came back to the game for 5e. Interested in starting up a game as the Reno NV D&D scene is ****.

    Looking for a monday game or tuesday?

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    you still looking for a Tuesday night game?

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    nope, srry found one

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    It is but am full at the moment.

    Will keep you apprised of any openings.

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