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    What happened to the way dice roll in FGU?

    I have searched in the forums and google to no avail, and given how data is spread out all over the forums... I rather just ask the question directly.
    What happened to the way dice roll in FGU? I really liked the more manual physics simulation of throwing dice in FGC, now just by placing a die in the chat it goes around like crazy it's annoying, even the clackity-clack sound is annoying... why? and a better question, why isn't there an option to change it back the way it was?

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    Its a known issue. I'm sure the devs will work on it at some point in the future, but given that they still give a random value its relatively low priority (I assume). It also seems to depends upon the graphics card/drive on the individual computer, because not everyone is seeing the same behavior.

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    You can turn the sound off too.

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