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    Theme for D&D 5th ruleset

    Hi guys I would like to share with you, a theme that I have created for D&D and I have uploaded to DmGuild.
    I hope you like it and I await your feedback and thoughts!


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    Nice work kenudan

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    Thank you so much Damned!

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    One of my favorite themes for FG Classic! I love it and my players love it. Great work.
    Now when can I get it for Unity?

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    Looks great, would use if it worked in FGU.

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    Very nice theme. I bought it. One suggestion though from players I have (which I mentioned on DM's Guild). Can you make the headers in the combat tracker a bit lighter (i.e. Name; Init; HP; Tmp; Wnd)? They're a bit dark and hard to read currently. Just a thought and thanks for this nifty theme.

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    I also bought it, I think is one of the best if you like some OLD SCHOOL style icons

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    Make it for FGU so you can make more $. Pretty please...it looks great!

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    I dig it. Good job.

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    I just checked.
    kenudan's Dungeons and Demogorgons theme totally work for Unity as well

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