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    Radial menu option 7 broken

    I've added some options to a radial sub-menu (started with positions 1-5 filled) that adds new options. They work fine in positions 6 and 8, but if I add an option in position 7, the menu icon and hover text appear, but the grey circle around it does not and clicking it returns to the main menu selections. See screenshot (all new buttons use same graphics temporarily, so the fact that they look the same isn't part of the problem).position 7.jpg

    Any clue what could be causing this?

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    No idea. Do you have a working extension or ruleset that I can check out; and explicit steps to see the issue?


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    Sure. Where can I place the file? It seems that the forum only allows attaching images/videos.

    1. Enable extension on rulesets SavageWorlds or SWD
    2. Select or create character or editable NPC
    3. Right click on Trait (Attribute or Skill) and Select Assign (position 3)

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    You can attach any file of the types listed. Click Go Advanced; then browse and then select the file and then click upload.
    If there is something that you would like to see in Fantasy Grounds that isn't currently part of the software or if there is something you think would improve a ruleset then add your idea to the wish list

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    Here you go.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    It's because slot 2 if used for the button that opens the Assign Dice submenu; so slot 7 is reserved in the slot menu for the Back button to return from the submenu back to the previous menu. You can't use the slot reserved for the Back button on a submenu.

    If you need that many options, you may need to implement 3-4, and have another "More..." submenu for the higher dice.


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    Where does that reserve take place? Is that hard wired in?

    And I did try to use 3/4 (later as a workaround), but 4 is already in use, so that would be a lot more fiddling to move everything around. Trying for the least impact change, but it looks like there isn't an easy one. Really, I'd be fine with 2 extra options, but it would look better with the options in 6 and 7 instead of needing to force them into 6 and 8. If just that the required back button is awkwardly placed.
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    Yes, it's hard wired into the client.


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