Tolkeen has fallen. Razed to the ground by the might of the Coalition and the dark forces they themselves summoned. The free city where all beings were welcome as was the study of the Arcane and myticism. With its fall refugees have fled South and West escape the clutches of The Coalition, The "Saviors" of mankind. But Earth of the future is a dangerous place where Rifts to other worlds lie open, and running from one danger will just lead you to the next. From the pan to the open flame. Come join in the adventure of a life time. In the Savage and brutal world of RIFTs Earth. Where fantasy and Super Science collide.

Im looking for a few more players for a Tuesday Morning game 0900 AM Central time. to join us As we explore this Savage Worlds Setting together. Play whatver you imagine from a Super Powered Psi Knight, To a Amped up Juicer to a powerful Ley Line walker (Wizard) Or bring in a character from almost any universe or setting you can imagine. You want to play an Imperial Space Marine from Warhammer 40k that got lost in the Warp I bet we could make it happen. Or even play as a Dragon or maybe a noble and Legendary Glitter boy whos powerful BOOM GUN can level tanks with a single shot.

Even better get your first 2 sessions free to make sure you like the game! As well as free character creation support!

Day and Time: Tuesday Mornings at 0900 Central.

LICENSE: I own an ultimate classic License. So you get to play with a demo account

NEW PLAYER FRIENDLY?: Absolutely! Come learn an anmazing system set in an amazing Post Apocalypse setting

GAME STYLE: Survival Post Apocalyptic ! GRITTY. But HEROIC! To quote Merlin (who happens to actually be alive and well in the setting "Dieing is Easy. Living takes alot more imagination." Warning. There could be dark overtones in this game that may offend those easily offended.

SESSION LENGTH: 3-4 hours!

COST: $!0.00 per session BUT your first 2 sessions are free!

VOICE: Discord

What I bring to the table as a DM: 30 years of experience does help. But other than that. I try to bring a fun enviorment, and help craft a world full of adventure. Where the players help to shape the world around them as they craft their stories and goals into the world.

If you may be interested (weve already had one session) please feel free to contact me. PM me here or leave a message below or contact me via Discord! here is my channel.