Going to start a new thread just to potentially keep everything I attempt for Legend in one space. Hope that's okay.

In my attempts to modify BRP a bit toward Mongoose's Legend, I modified the Runequest2.ext with the following
Attachment 38125
The ones not marked with Untrained=true showed up properly in the character sheet with the correct base numbers.
Attachment 38126
So forgive this really stupid question... how to I get to the Advanced and Magical skills I entered as Untrained when I need them on the character sheet? I feel like if I can get these skills in place and then figure out a way to get an initiative roll in there (DEX+INT/2+1d10) and some tracking of hero points (doesn't even matter how, just a text field), I might be close enough. Wish list stuff beyond that would be adding armor points to weapons along with a size rating and tweaking the base chance of all melee weapons to DEX+STR and all range weapons to DEX*2. But none of that is essential.

Anyway, thanks again. I'm not at all a programmer, so apologies in advance for missing things that should seem obvious.