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    Quote Originally Posted by EllivasKram View Post
    Can I just say that for the 1st time I suggested to all my players use the lvl up button (Wizard) for going to lvl 11.

    Usually we spend an hour with me talking them through the lvl up using the drag and drop old method and using discord screen shares.

    This time they lvl’d up themselves with purely a few discussions more on choices than mechanics.

    Impressed. It just worked. Many thanks superteddy for all the hard work
    Thanks for the kind words! Still has some more fine tuning and expansion, but certainly brought a smile to my face. Enjoy and have fun
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    Quote Originally Posted by jowenconnorton View Post
    Yeah I did that in my original message:

    "Experiencing an error in my game where when players use the character wizard they get this error

    [ERROR] Script execution error: [string "charwizard/scripts/charwizard.lua"]:1074: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)

    and nothing is actually added to their character sheet. Any fix for this?"

    I've since found the source of the error. It seems to be coming from the Kingdoms & Warfare extension.
    I'm having the same exact issue with the same exact error, with Kingdoms and Warfare being the cause. Turning it off removes the error.

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