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    Looking for 2-3 players for a 5e Fantasy Grounds game 7-10 PM Monday Nights

    Time: MONDAY 7 pm - 10 pm Eastern Time
    Needed: Fantasy Grounds Unity
    Our Webforum: The Games We Play

    We're looking for 2-3 players for our Fantasy Grounds group. We are starting a new 5e D&D game set in a Forgotten Realms using the Candlekeep Mysteries Adventure. We are looking for pro-active players who are interested in working together to create a group story and campaign. The campaign will be largely center around Candlekeep and will rely heavily on the players choosing what actions to take rather than a more linear adventure path. Sign up on the forum and we'll get started.

    If you are interested in sharing control over the campaign, being in the drivers seat and shaping the development of the campaign, then come on over and sign up.
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    Hey folks. Thanks for all the interest. I'll let you know if an opening shows.

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    Hey all,

    Just opening this up again. We're looking for one dedicated player who is willing to commit to regular attendance. At the moment, we're just at the tail end of a campaign, but, we will likely be starting a new campaign fairly soon. PM me if interested or head over to our forums: and sign up and drop me a line.

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    I'd be interested if you're still looking. Been a forever DM for a few years now with friends and am looking to play the game as an actual player for a change. Monday nights are perfect for me as I usually have Monday/Tuesdays off work. If you're still looking for another player shoot me a reply!

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    So, I have just started using Fantasy Grounds Unity, and most of my players have no issues connecting, but one of my players is getting Game server started.MEASURE: RULESETS LOAD - 9.4442967 - 5E ... Last night we tried to run FG, but my players couldn't connect.

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    I don't think you meant to post that here Fults152.

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    Hey all,

    Just opening this up again. We're looking for one dedicated player who is willing to commit to regular attendance. We just finished the first adventure of the Candlekeep Mysteries. It's an RP heavy game. PM me here or on the forum listed above if you are interested.

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