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    New to FG looking for 5e 1 shot/short campaign

    Hello friends,

    I recently started playing D&D with friends (all of whom, DM included, are very experienced) about 4 months ago. I'm learning quickly and am having more fun than I ever thought I would. My only gripe is that I have to wait an entire week to play for about four hours. Having said that, I am looking for a one shot or a shortish campaign. I am BRAND NEW to Fantasy Grounds, I haven't even played using it yet. I want to use this as an opportunity to really learn the software.

    Little about me:
    My name is Cam. I'm a 26 year old male living on the West Coast. Other things I do for fun include long boarding, playing Magic the Gathering (EDH specifically), playing ukulele, and playing video games, mainly via the Switch. Before Covid, I worked at a homeless shelter for teens, as well as a cannabis dispensary. My goals in finding a group are to get better acquainted with the Fantasy Grounds software, hone my role playing and backstory building skills a bit, and get a taste of the D&D community.

    Much love,


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    Hello Cam. Nice to meet you from the East Coast.

    I am relearning everything myself and getting into 5e after a monstrously long hiatus so much so that I am basically a beginner for the most part myself and would be more than willing to join you if you ever find more people.

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    I found San Diego [email protected] this weekend. I was able to play a handful of games. It was so much fun! It was FG ran so I got some experience with the software. I'm so looking forward to new games! I am interested in early daily games to help learn more.
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    Are all of you still looking for a game? I would be interested in playing via Fantasy Grounds, as well. I have been looking to try it and want to try to play more. I have a weekly Curse of Strahd game that I am running for some friends. I could be interested in running a campaign for another group, but I'd like to get a full session in as a player to see if I like the software. If all went well, I'd easily be down to get a license and run something for people. I typically do theater of the mind stuff, but have been playing around with using maps and such.

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    I am. I am joining a Tuesday game this week. Not sure if it is a regular time or not. Willing to consider it for sure. - Also... Did you see the FG pick up groups post?
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    I did not see that post. I will have to look for it.

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    new to FG and would really like to join a 5e game. good old rona got us older nerds going online now.

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    DnD Adventurer's Leage GE Game Days discord has a few sessions going this weekend.
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