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    Tablet PC Support

    This is still one thing that's critically missing (at least critical for me) from FG 2... although, it seems a lot closer in FG2 than in one.

    Using a stylus, or tablet PC, if you mouse-over a text box, Windows brings up the tablet PC text input menu. This didn't work at all in FG1, but in FG2 it half-works... that is to say that it works on the startup screen -- so I can use my tablet PC to Create a New Game, change my username, and the thing. But once the program loads, I can't input text anymore, as the text input menu never shows up.

    Any chance that could be fixed in a patch? (prays hopefully)

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    (Sorry to bump... )

    Any idea from the developers on this?

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    FG uses a custom control and windowing mechanism, and therefore is not sensitive to any additional functionality that works off of existing Windows control types. I'll try to have a look at the interface level requirements for something like this at some point, but I can't, at this time, make an estimate on when/if that would happen, sorry.
    Tero Parvinen
    Fantasy Grounds Guru

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    Ah... too bad. Well, hopefully for the future. :-)

    *crosses fingers*

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