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    One of my player's keeps crashing due to a Lua object error.

    So just some clarification, this player is in two of my games. In our Sunday game they have no issues at all, this seemingly only affects our Wednesday campaign.

    We recently switched over to Unity as I did a rebuild of my computer and one of my other campaigns stopped working in classic but works fine in Unity so we made the switch. This player got the first error in our second Wednesday session, and it would pop up every time they logged on.Player Error.png

    I asked around on the Fantasy Grounds discord and they believed it had something to do with the characters sheet having an issue, and so I remade the whole campaign from scratch in Unity and imported in the characters from the previous game. We had a full session the next week and no issues at all.

    This week though the issue came back and so I removed their ownership of their character (hoping that it was some issue with the sheet) and we started to make a new one but it just resulted in a new batch of Lua object errors. If they don't get kicked out to desktop or just hang permanently then the sheet they were using just vanishes and they can't see it anywhere in Fantasy Grounds. Player Error 2.png

    I really don't understand what these errors mean or what is causing them, so I would greatly appreciate any help in getting this issue resolved. I've also got the error logs from the player that I will put below.
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    The script errors are a red herring. They are related to the fact that the Return to Launcher implementation is not complete yet.

    At the beginning of the full log (and previous full log) in the ZIP file, it shows that the user is losing connection to the cloud servers. I'll forward on these logs to the network library developer to see if they can see what might be causing from the logs.


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    Also, where are the GM and player physically located (country/city)?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Wizard View Post
    Also, where are the GM and player physically located (country/city)?

    I am the GM and am in Canada, specifically Eastern Canada.

    The player who was having these issues is in Germany specifically Berlin, but last session they had no issues and a different one of my players had the same exact error and they are in West virginia.

    I just want to note that this only happens on Wednesday. I have many of the same players in both my Sunday and Wednesday games, the only difference is that I have more people on Sunday and I have no issues on those days.

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