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    Social Class in Victorian Cthulhu

    I also created a system for social class in a Victorian setting, I added a skill (Social Class) and some notes explaining how it works, it is only intended to add depth to the characters, the idea is that birth is the deciding factor in Victorian society but a lowly person can progress if they work really hard (spend a lot of Personal Interest points) and the upper classes can become drifters, criminals or beggars but they must sacrifice Credit Rating to do so:

    "Birth is everything in Victorian society, one's standing is always enhanced by high status ancestry, money can affect this but not change it. The result of the table indicates the level at which you are born, so wealthy parents, although themselves common, can have children of a higher social status. "

    Can it change? Well Credit rating certainly can:

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    Module for Social Class development

    Here is a Mod with the skill, the table and the explanation of how it works (I hope)
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