Check out:

If you go to their discord (link is on their site) you will see there other discount codes you can get.
There is a really nice one for subscribers to Lost Lands on World Anvi $15 (if you sub the top tier of $10/month or $100/yr - which already gets art + modules + $3 monthly coupon and discounts on PDFs (15%) and 1 physical coupon per month discount, dunno - no HCs left I don't have to use on now) - the lowest sub (good for content, but no $15 coupon ) is $2/month or $20/year.

Included in the sale are PDFs for:
D&D 5E
Pathfinder 1E
Starfinder (whatever the Paizo Space Pathfinder is called)
Swords & Wizardry
Bunnies & Burrows (new edition)

Check it out, there are many of the adventures already available for FGG now on sale in PDF. Enjoy!