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    Legends - Lord of the Rings Online

    Only slightly Fantasy Grounds related, in as much as our gaming community for UK/Euro players has it sticky fingers in many games, and we have a Contingient in Fantasy Grounds, who are currently running a DnD Campaign, due to finish soon, after which we're getting our teeth into a Call of Cthulhu campaign.

    Having said all that, I'd like to extend a hand of friendship to any uk/european FG players who are also dabbling in Lord of the Rings Online. Our kinship would welcome you with open arms, since we're always on the lookout for decent players, especially ones who might have an interest in joining our Fantasy Grounds games (DnD, CoC, MERP etc).

    Even if you're not interested in LOTRO, please feel free to visit our Fantasy Grounds section and have a browse..

    ================================================== ======

    The LEGENDS gaming community would like to announce that we have opened recruitment for our Lord of the Rings Online Kinship

    We are a mature, considerate and friendly kinship, looking to enjoy the game content available together at a more leisurely casual pace. We are a mixed race kinship, and will endeavour to provide adventuring and crafting support to all who need it.

    We are mainly UK/EURO based, but welcome english speaking europeans. We encourage roleplay, although we do not enforce it. We adventure perhaps slower and more considered than others. We're not overly concerned about attaining the best equipment and we certainly do not enjoy rushing or blitzing through adventures. We are not the largest kinship on the server, nor are we considered "hardcore" or "heavy committment", but we are supportive and open and we enjoy a more casual sense of play. You'll find many of the Legends take pride in their helpful conduct and sense of 'being Legendary', essentially 'being Considerate'.

    We are a well established gaming community, with strong chapters in Dungeons and Dragons Online, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes and a more casual presence in games such as Guild Wars, City of Heroes/Villains and EverQuest 2. We are also involved with Virtual Tabletop Gaming using clients (such as Fantasy Grounds) to run and take part in "pen and paper style" roleplaying over the Internet. We also have an eye on future games, such as Age of Conan, Tabula Rasa, and Warhammer Online. We hope that once you have become a Legend you'll have a gaming home on the Internet, where you can make friends and play with them in a number of games, past, present and future.

    I hope this has whet your appetite for more information and inspired you to take the oath and become a Legend in your own time. Join us.

    Post up and introduction on our web site, and we'll get in touch with you in game as soon as possible, or give one of us a tell, look for me, or one of our officers


    Looking forward to hearing from you..

    ================================================== =========
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    Oooo LOTR meets Cthulhu. The boat taking the Elves, Gandolf, Frodo, and Bilbo, took a wrong turn and ended up on an entirely different plane - this one dominated by Cthulhu itself -
    Oh, a whole new round of adventures for the group. What will Frodo do without Samwise!
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    Heh now theres some interesting ideas.. makes you wonder about the Watcher in the lake..

    We're growing in number now, growing very nicely, and whats more we're attracting a good number of people who are both Tolkien fans and have an interest in roleplaying (many have years and years of Pen and Paper roleplayin) some of which we are hoping to recruit into the Fantasy Grounds community, some of which have come from the Fantasy Grounds community..

    Our officers have grown to take in the increased number of people playing (although we're still small enough to be considered a casual considerate family style kinship), and to address their questions and needs..


    Look over our website, post an intro to yourself and your character and then contact any of these in game, and we'll be delighted to have you on board with us.

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