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    Quote Originally Posted by andro1d
    I'm having difficulties locating the charsheet_template.xml and charsheet_skills.xml files. They don't appear in my fantasy grounds 2 main directory or in my fantasy grounds applications folder.

    Could somebody point it out to me?

    Much thanks,
    To access these files you need to unpak the file called "d20.pak" located in your install directory. Basically its nothing more than a zip file. Once you unzip it it will have all the files you need to edit the ruleset with.
    The unzipped files go into a folder which is titled whatever you want to call your ruleset. I call mine "d20+" for example.
    Then place this folder in a folder labled "rulesets" located in your application data folder....for example, on my machine, it located here........"C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Fantasy Grounds II\rulesets\d20+"
    Hope this helps

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    Great script idea joshuha, could you make my character sheet for me? Huh? Huh? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee
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    Thanks Thrylax!

    One last question. How do you get modules that were created for d20 ruleset to show up in the game? For instance the core SRD books, etc.

    I renamed my ruleset d20+.

    Much thanks!
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    Just add the following lines to your base.xml

    	<tokenroot source="tokens" />
        <acceptfrom ruleset="d20" />

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    Thanks Hamish!
    "Winter is coming..."

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    As I'm new to FG2, I was curious if some of you could give a little feedback. How much of a hassle is it to deal with updates to the program if you have created a custom ruleset and are running a campaign?

    Can I expect a lot of lost data? Will my players have to re-enter all of their hotkey commands each update? Higher probability of corrupt files?

    Just looking for some advice.

    "Winter is coming..."

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    This is one of the most useful scripts for players. My group thanks you.

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    How about spell failure. In the most basic form, I would like to be able to double click the spell failure and have it run a d100. In the best scenario it would be cool to roll a d100 and give a Succeed or Fail message if the roll fell within the Failure amount.

    Can someone point me in the right direction, I am assuming it is similar to the d20 code Joshuha wrote.


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    just a small question.
    this mods may just used in the "master" FG2 to be used by players ?
    thank you

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    i need a small help
    i mod all the files and it work fine for the abilitis but not for initiative and saves...
    i dont know why...

    Ok, all is working fine, now.... i did not understand that the mod run only on the combat sheet and not the main. so i mod the charsheet_main.xml to and all work fine...
    thank's a lot
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