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    Update available (2.0.3)

    Version 2.0.3
    • Fixed a bug causing dice fields with d10s to register an additional d100 when a campaign is loaded
    • Fixed a bug affecting token underlay and pointer grid shading when zooming images
    • Modules with host only data no longer get displayed on clients when their permissions are changed
    • Fixed an issue causing links internal to modules to erroneously refer to campaign data instead
    • Fixed a bug causing problems with saving preferences on clients
    • Fixed a crash bug occurring when clients opened the token box with shared tokens still being transferred from the host
    No ruleset update this time.
    Tero Parvinen
    Fantasy Grounds Guru

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    Thanks much for the fix on grid shading!

    (Well, thanks for the other fixes, too, but the shading one was something I had reported less than a day ago.)

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