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Thread: Two new issues

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    Two new issues

    Okay, two problems.

    First off, I've downloaded everything there is to download, and I've updated to the most recent version of FG II. NOTHING I'm doing is letting me host games. I even used the (very helpful and informative) links from the FAQ, and the only thing accomplished was my temper and frustration levels increasing.

    Second. FG II works fine on the PC. FG v.1.5 worked fine on the laptop. However, when my wife tries running the program, she receives the generic Windows error message saying "Fantasy Grounds II has encountered a problem and will shut down" (you know the one, with the Send/Don't Send buttons). We've completely deleted all Fantasy Grounds programs and re-installed, and nothing changed. It shouldn't be the computer, since her laptop has similar system specs.


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    I get the generic "encountered a probelm screen" occasionally too -- and when it hits, it's a computer melter -- massive grinding, can't even send the error message because the whole system crunches to a halt.

    But when I eventually conaltdel it, I can typically start it up again and FG2 will work fine. A popup tells me about the backup of the db.xml I'm using, but I typically don't need to go to the backup.

    If I get a better idea of where the problem is happening I'll post again, or if the developers have questinos I'll see what I can dig up.

    Once running, it's all very smooth though. Had a short playtest tonight and it seemed to work well.
    --Steve Peterson

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    Is this occurring right when you start the program, or after you set up your host parameters and click the start button? If it is the latter, please try to create a brand new test campaign using the d20 ruleset and let me know how it goes.
    Tero Parvinen
    Fantasy Grounds Guru

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    It's happening after hitting the start button. No problem this time with the test campaign -- I'll keep watching it.
    --Steve Peterson

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    Same here. My wife doesn't even get to the Fantasy Grounds window, since this occurs pretty much as soon as she double-clicks. And as soon as she gets the message, her computer freaks out and grinds (almost) to a halt, just like sppeterson explained. She doesn't actually have to cntr-alt-dlt, but it drains her system resources.

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    All right, fixed the first problem (finally). Still having problems with the laptop.

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