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    Is the RNG bugged, or set to roll on different ranges for different characters? Either that or I have one heck of an unlucky Dwarf Fighter. He seemed to fumble a lot (01-04 with Handaxe), so I kept track this last combat. He has in 39 rounds (granted he was stunned and unable to attack for 7 of these and also had a 4-6 round pause for healing, I lost track of how long he as out unfortunately) a total of five times. So for actual rolls, he rolled 01-04 (on a d100) 5 times in 26-28 attempts. Any thoughts?

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    Come to think of it, the whole party has only open-ended twice during said combat and have fumbled a total of 9 times. Very bad luck?

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    Just bad luck. I know it seems like more, but it's just bad luck.
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    I wish I had taken a screenshot of it from the last game but I had a player roll for spell gains and rolled a 12 on a d100 3 times in a row. So yeah I wondered about rng myself.

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    Our last few games have been an equal mix, but 100s were quite common for a few players a few sessions back.

    It’s the “randomness” of random seeding for PCs = close but no cigar.
    Some day.
    Until then, tech limitations make this as good as it gets.

    Is Random really random?Researchers typically use random numbers supplied by a computer, but these are generated by mathematical formulas – and so by definition cannot be truly random. In the 1970s, scientists discovered that a widely-used formula produced regularities in its 'random' numbers that undermined countless research studies.

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    True, but the FG randomization is seeded by the system time (like most applications); then the randomization is used in many different places within the code, not just rolling. Also, the randomization for the FG dice rolls is applying a rotation and force vector to a dice object, and performing a physics simulation. And, if the user uses the mouse to "throw" the dice, then the force vector is determined by their mouse vector, not a randomized number.

    So, while FG is still using standard computer randomization engines, the way it consumes and uses the randomization data creates a scenario where it is basically impossible to predict, which is essentially "random".


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    I think the randomness is fine, however sometime you have a run of rolls that makes you question it.

    Especially as a GM I get more opened ended high rolls then when i play as a player, it does make you question sometimes LOL.

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