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    Attempting to add class into PF2 having trouble getting feats and spells to align

    So, I'm entering the Elemental Host class by Little Red Goblin Games into FG. No problem setting up the class, really, just followed the examples of the core classes. I've added Traits for the class the other few things that are new, added in the spells as focus spells and class feats with the Trait referenced, but it doesn't come up if you're using the Class Feats or Spells--- the Elemental Host class does not appear to be an option.

    I clearly missing something that adds the class to Feat and Spell options/tables. Is it an easy fix?

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    You are not missing anything. The filter does not autopopulate from the traits. It is coded into the ruleset. You will have to write an extension that modifies the underlying lua code. Here is an example that someone ne else has done.

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