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    The red means that the server is offline according to the lobby server, which means that the game wasn't registered with the lobby server when the player lobby listing was pulled. This can happen if a player launches their FG instance before the GM starts their campaign session; and is fixed by refreshing or just connecting. Ultimately, this should have nothing to do with any performance issues.

    For lag and frozen screens (probably related to performance); we need to try to recreate the scenario in order to capture the issue in action, so we can then investigate and address. Otherwise, we have no idea where to look for the issue. In order to do this, we usually ask for a copy of the campaign, and the steps that you did that seemed to cause the issue. A reproduceable example set of steps is the absolute best.


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    For information needed to help trouble shoot issues and report bugs, see the link in my signature.

    Also, if/when reporting an issue, it is best to start a new thread unless it is identical to an existing thread you are aware of

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    Just FYI, my campaign session was already started and my table was open when i was showing up red in the player lobby. OK let me see how my next session goes and I will try to reproduce the steps.

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