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    Identifying magic items in party sheet

    Hi guys

    Just interested in comparing with other GM experiences as was new to FG at end of March, and a few months in am noticing my players gaming the system a little.

    When you have magic items in treasure, do you guys transfer it to the party sheet straight away (I.e. alongside the non magical items). My players have worked out that if an item is magical, then it doesn’t show any text until identified, whereas normal items have text there straight away. I considered changing all items to not identified, or not transferring anything to the party sheet until they have finished the identifying process (which wouldn’t work if they’ve missed spotting that something is magical).

    Do I just tell them to behave, or is there something else I can do that I’m missing?

    Thanks in advance

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    I don't think it's a big deal, since it's basically just one casting of detect magic, right? Why would they miss that something is magical?

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    I’ve been playing it that they cast Detect Magic to see if anything is magical, then cast Read Aura on individual items to figure out which ones. Then go for the identify magic skill rolls to identify it (I let them know it all on a success). I guess if we just assumed they were casting detect magic and read aura on everything then it wouldn’t matter. They’re currently 4th level so detect magic isn’t heightened yet.
    I just like the players telling me what they are doing rather than a blanket here’s what we’re doing all the time. I feel the same way about perception tests for hazards or searching rooms. If they don’t tell me they’re in the Search exploration mode then I assume they’re not. Perhaps I’m too mean...

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    Keep in mind what makes weapons and armour magical are the Potency Runes. So you could reason that for any magical weapon or armour, the PCs would at the very least see the runes on the item and know it is magical.

    Using Fantasy Grounds Unity exclusively.

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    For magic items, if i leave the item un-identified, then it show 1 of two things to the players, it either shows the non-id name, and if no name is present then it shows unidentified item / ** **, the way to get around them seeing the give away names, is to manually give each item a generic name for its type that in the non-id name field. example for a magical longsword, just place longsword in the non-id field

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    Yeah, if I don't want my party to know an item if magical then I adjust the non-ID name so that it looks like a regular, nonmagical item. Then when it shows up in party loot it doesn't look suspicious.

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