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    As Trenloe says, there's a lot more that goes into changing the core of an official product as compared to mocking up something in a community module. Speaking from personal experience, though, one of the advantages of working from the inside out in doing the Bestiaries is that it afforded me a chance to really work with Trenloe in getting the tools and formats that would make the creatures the best possible versions of themselves. The same is holding true with the Automation. As we all know, Tren has a lot on his plate but has always taken the time to read our feedback and add/update the ruleset in response to all the input. And that really is a key to the success here. There's a real passion to see PF2 become the best version it can possibly be, so all the feedback is essential until Trenloe gets himself a Time-Turner Necklace from Hogwarts and can do it all himself

    From my side, I *love* every comment and suggestion when it comes to creatures and will be doubly appreciative on input when it comes to how to best apply the automation features within the Bestiaries. So please feel free to continue to let me know what you think!
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    ShadeRaven, Trenloe- you guys are really so awesome! Thanks for all your work.

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    Yes, thank you! I love Pathfinder but I love Pathfinder 2 more and to see you all putting the time in really means a lot to the people who play Fantasy Grounds.

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    Has anyone taken the dive into the Test Channel yet? Creature 4s should be added soon, but the group that's already there certainly has enough variety to allow testing the automation? Everything looking good? Anyone try their hand in creating their own automated powers?

    Would love to hear some early impressions.
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    Game Systems: 5E, Pathfinder, Starfinder, Call of Cthulhu, RoleMaster, C&C, Pathfinder 2

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    I might play around this evening or Friday evening. Won't be a proper session with players though - our next planned session is Saturday, but I don't want to make FGU any more unstable than it already is.

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    WoW!! >>> Trenloe and ShadeRaven > Thank You!! You are both awesome and the updates you give us are very very much welcome!

    I cant wait for these to arrive on Live.

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    How do you get into the test channel? I am guessing through steam you go to the beta tab? Didnt even know there was a test channel we can use.

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    Use the FG Settings to switch to Test channel. It's at the bottom of the Settings dialog in FGC, and on the Advanced tab of the Settings in FGU.


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