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    Moving from Roll20 - can I pregen my player's characters?

    Hello guys,

    I'm new to FG, since the lockdown in London my group moved to online playing, we've been using Roll20, but I have been considering coming to FG. Bought the Ultimate License on the Steam Summer Sale, so I want to move at least the group I'm GM'ing for to FG from the next chapter of our AP.

    The problem I have is that some of my players are a bit change averse, so I wanted to make that move as painless as possible, preferably I'd like to transfer all their characters ahead of time so I can just assign them to the players and have them start playing from the get go, which is what I did for Roll20, where I had their character sheets I just entered everything, and the 1 character I had to create for a late comer I just left a few options open for him to choose. In Roll20 at least it's easy to assign the character to another user, in this case the players.

    Can I do something similar on FG? I'm reading through the documentation on the Wiki, but would like to get a jump on things even though there's no hurry right now.



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    Welcome to the Fantasy Grounds forums!

    From the character selection window you, the GM, can create PCs. These will all be available for the players to select when they join your campaign.
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    @Trenloe thank you for the quick reply, this is much easier than expected, I'll get started on character creation then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LondonRPG View Post
    @Trenloe thank you for the quick reply, this is much easier than expected, I'll get started on character creation then.
    Just a tip from someone who has made plenty of mistakes while learning FG: watch the videos
    I know the program looks somewhat intuitive, like you could figure it out by just playing with it (and to a point you can), but the order of operations and many optimizations that can make a big difference can be anything but obvious and you can get months and months into using it and be missing really key/useful stuff.
    Or, if videos aren't interactive enough, jump on Fantasy Grounds College in Discord and do a small group class. They're a friendly bunch, if you can handle setting your time zone offset correctly, and you'll have a solid foundation on the basics to build off of.
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