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    license issue & frozen screen

    I installed FGII last night. I got to the opening splash screen where it asks if I want to look at characters or join a game. The program was completely unresponsive. I hade to hit ctrl-alt-del to close. I uninstalled the game this morning, & now I need my license code from FGI that I cannot find.

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    The Freezing issue (which I had also) seems to be related to having a font size of anything other than 96 DPI. There is a thread about it somewheres.

    I also noticed that uninstalling FG2 breaks the licence key. For me, it broke the licence key for BOTH FG1 and FG2 - That is, I installed FG2 fine (it found the reg key created by FG1) then uninstalled it. When I ran FG1, it prompted me for both a license key and a user name.

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    Same thign here adn now I've lost teh registration key... do I have to purchase it again!?!?

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    From the FAQ:
    My computer crashed and my license key was lost with it. How do I get it back?
    If you purchased from the Fantasy Grounds Store and chose to save your order details on your account, you can retrieve your license from the Order History. Please note that you must be logged in to access your Order History. You can log in here. If you did not store the order on an account, license retrieval is more involved and is detailed next.

    You should make a (physical) copy of the license key in the first place, but should you only have the key on the said computer, send an e-mail to [email protected] containing the store you purchased the software from and your purchase order id. Preferably send it from the same e-mail address you use with the web-store or include the information as text. As license key retrieval includes several manual cross-checks, you should allow us a few days to process the case.
    On having problems with your license key. One of the most common problems is that FG1 didn't care about the dashes in the license key. FG2 will attemph to read the key FG1 used, but FG2 wants those dashes so when you re-install FG1 make sure you put the dashes in so the upgrade to FG2 goes smoothly.

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