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    Version .992

    • Small change to the fatigue system where being attacked in melee will cause fatigue to increment the same way attacking in melee will.
    • Added an option to mechanically treat some conditions (Restrained/Stunned/Unconscious/Prone/Paralyzed) differently.
    • Added "Act" and "Done" buttons to the top of the combat section on the player character sheet.
    • Added a radial menu to the Init button at the top of the player sheet combat section that allows for automatically setting initiative to the start of the round or the end of the round.
    • Added a radial menu to "Delay" to delay for a certain number of segments.
    • Added a radial menu to the player attack button on a weapon to quickly allow for some modifiers on the attack as it is rolled (rear attack, cover, charge, etc)
    • Added a radial menu to the GM Combat Tracker actions (the lines of weapon info) that allow for the same modifiers mentioned for players above.
    • Added a radial menu to the GM Combat Tracker actors to allow for setting initiative as mentioned above for players or for add/removing common effects such as Blinded, Invisible, Stunned, Prone, etc.
    • Added an option to allow players to roll "cheater dice" that auto roll a 1 or 20. If enabled, adds is to the radial menu for their attacks. This option is always present in the GM's radial menu on the CT. For players, it will make it clear in the chat window that the roll was manual, so they can't just do it in without you knowing.

    Alternate Conditional Effects

    In the base ruleset, a defender being Prone, Unconscious, Restrained, Stunned, or Paralyzed loses their dexterity bonus to AC and their shield bonus. Restrained/Stunned grant a +4 to-hit (but don't stack with each other), Prone/Unconscious grant a +4 to-hit vs melee (but don't stack with each other, but do stack with restrained/stunned), and Paralyzed grants no bonus. This doesn't make sense to me... paralyzed seems equivalent (or worse) to restrained/stunned, and I don't see how being restrained and unconscious makes you easier to hit than simply being unconscious. If you enable this option, the following changes occur.
    • Prone, Unconscious, Restrained, Stunned, and Paralyzed won't stack. Whichever is the most detrimental is what will apply.
    • Paralyzed grants the same +4 to-hit that Restrained and Stunned gain.
    • Prone still allows for shield use.

    Here's a table comparing the base ruleset modifiers to this options' modifiers. Base ruleset is on the left, extension option is on the right. Remember that the base ruleset allows some of these modifiers to stack and the extension option doesn't.

    Dex Bonus? Shield Bonus? To-hit Bonus <- Base Ruleset | Extension Option -> Dex Bonus? Shield Bonus? To-hit Bonus
    Paralyzed no no +0 no no +4
    Restrained no no +4 no no +4
    Stunned no no +4 no no +4
    Prone no no +4 melee
    + 0 ranged
    no yes +4 melee
    +0 ranged
    Unconscious no no +4 melee
    +0 ranged
    no no +4 melee
    +0 ranged

    New Combat Section Buttons (Act and Done)

    The "Act" button is used for a player to change their initiative to one later than whatever the current initiative is. In my games I found characters are sometimes delaying waiting for some particular thing to happen, and now they can hit this button when it does and get popped up to the next segment in the turn order.

    The "Done" button is simply a way for the player to end their turn from their character sheet instead of the CT.

    New Radial Menus

    New radial menus were added, described below. They are all triggered by right-clicking on the appropriate controls (attack buttons, init buttons, etc). See the animated gifs below.

    Player Init Radial Menus

    Player Attack Radial Menu

    An example of a Charge attack in action.

    GM Combat Tracker Action Radial Menu

    GM Combat Tracker Actor Radial Menu

    Note: Unlike a lot of other things I've added to this extension, there's no option in the settings to turn the radial menus on (other than the cheater dice for players), since they basically are just Quality of Life improvements on base ruleset functionality. However, some of the initiative options will be hidden if you're using Player's Option Initiative (since segment delay makes no sense in that system), or will behave differently if you have the still-in-progress 10-Segment Hackmaster Initiative option enabled (for example, doing a full delay will put you after everyone else in the init order using the base ruleset initiative, but will just add +10 segments in the HM initiative system)
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    Who can stop him? The 5E fanboys will have to cough up even more $ to try to catch with the mighty 2E ruleset + Player's option mod...

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    Quote Originally Posted by readymeal View Post
    Who can stop him? The 5E fanboys will have to cough up even more $ to try to catch with the mighty 2E ruleset + Player's option mod...
    Yes... 2E and Player's option make FG the only option of VTT for me

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    Known Bug: Charge doesn't work right now when player's use it (but it does work for GM). Has to do with me forgetting that only the host can directly add/remove effects to combat tracker entries.

    Probably won't have it fixed until the next big update, which is the addition of the Hackmaster 10-segment initiative system and the ability to roll/queue multiple initiatives (which is now coded, but I need more testing before I release it and there was very little combat in my game last week).

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    I've been noticing in my last two games that when Fatigue is enabled, once in a while a player won't be able to attack because of an exception that is being thrown and logged in the console. Looks like a permission issue with changing a DB node.

    I'm not sure why I'm suddenly seeing this when I haven't changed that code in months, and I think I've now get a fix for it, but I was lazy and didn't branch my code and also have a ton of initiative code changes that I'm not quite ready to push to everyone yet (they work great using the HM initiative system, but I haven't tested them in standard 2E yet), so it might be a week or so before I push the fix.

    I'd be kind of be surprised if anyone but me was using the Fatigue option anyway. But if you are, be warned that if players start seeing a console error in scripts/manager_state_po.lua which says something like "setValue: Unable to create node", you'll probably need to disable Fatigue as a workaround until my next update.

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