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    Thank you!
    "Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech."

    "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

    - Benjamin Franklin

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    Discovered an issue where due to the 2E ruleset combat tracker changes, attacks rolled from the combat tracker are no longer properly determining the damage type of the weapon. This means attacks rolled from the combat tracker are not triggering the "weapon type vs armor" automation, nor are they properly determining critical hit effects (since the damage type is needed to know which crit table to look at). Looking into how to fix it but unsure when that'll be.

    Attacks rolled from the character sheet still work as they used to.

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    Version 0.93

    Fixed an issue where damage type wasn't able to be determined after the recent ruleset CT changes. Found where to hook in and set it and attacks rolled from the combat tracker should correctly work with critical hits and weapon type vs armor automation again.

    Sure would be nice if FG had some auto-update options for mods and extensions!

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    Version 0.94

    • Fixed an issue where messages in that chat window about armor damage, as well as the messages showing weapon type vs armor to-hit modifiers would show the full name of armor even if it was not ID'd, which means players might see "Banded Mail +1" when they should have only been seeing "Banded Mail" because they hadn't identified the item yet.
    • Fixed an issue where an exception would be thrown if crits were severity > 13.
    • If using the Player's Option critical hit rules, checks and skips generation of a critical hit result (including the bonus damage) if the target has the "IMMUNE: critical" effect on them. Useful if you want to make undead or oozes/jellies/etc immune to critical hits.
    • Added a "CRITSIZE: n" effect that is used with the Player's Option critical hit rules. Any actor with this effect on his weapon is treated as "n" size categories larger when generating critical hit severity if they have this effect. For instance, if you were using a Longsword (Size M) but had a CRITSIZE: 2 effect on you, the longsword would be treated as Size H for determining crit effects, which means it would likely be rolling bigger dice to determine crit severity (as per the Player's Option crit rules).
    • Added a "CRITSEVERITY: n" effect that is used with the Player's Option critical hit rules. Any actor with this effect has "n" added to the severity of any critical hits he rolls. For instance, if you normally were rolling 2d4 to generate crit severity because your weapon was the same size as the target, but you had a "CRITSEVERITY: 2" effect, your final severity would be 2d4+2.

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    Thank you for all the effort you put on this mod... I am always surprised by the new improvements.

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    I was looking for something to make critical rolls of 18+ then i find what i dream for complete combat and tactics which is my most favorite option rulebook. The only thing for me missing now to edit critical rolls of 16+ with the high mastery skill option. Is this impossible to add? I would like to have 16+ crits with high mastery, 18+ crits with the profecient and only natural 20 crits with non-proficient. Is it impossible to edit weapon skills? we already have dmg and hit there.

    Also is it possible to edit hit locations (for called shots and higher ground attacks 1d6+4)

    Thank you so much for your great work. You are awesome.
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    Critiicals of 18+ are doable even without this extension, and making them 16+ are doable as well (with or without the extension). At this time there is no way to do force a hit specific hit location, although adding that is on my list of things to do. In the meantime, one thing I did for my game was add all of the Player's Option tables to be "Tables" in Fantasy Grounds that I can manually roll on, and I currently use those for called shots (and I put them in for spell crits, too). I'm already kind of on the line in terms of sharing the crits as an extension though and I think I'd be crossing over the line if I shared a mod that had all the crit table text input, so I don't think I can share that one.

    As for how you can semi-permanently change a character's crit range. You'd have to do this character by character, which isn't ideal if you want every character and monster to crit on 16+. But this should work fine for high mastery. See below where I change a character's melee crit range to be 16-20 (but leave the ranged crit range at 20). Note that it affects all melee weapons though.

    If you're looking for a more temporary crit bonus, like "on the next attack" or something, and they'd just click it any time they're about to make an attack with their weapon they have mastery in, you could add a power to the character which has a "CRIT: 16" effect, set to expire "On Next Action". So they'd go to their Powers tab, hit that, then roll their attack. Another alternative is to add a "CRIT: 16" effect to their weapon, which is automatically applied whenever they have it equipped and automatically removed when it's unequipped (though it will affect all attacks while that weapon is equipped, not just attacks from that weapon). None of the solutions are perfect and it's hard to say what would fit you best.

    As far as the higher ground thing, I will add an effect, "HITSIZE" which modifies the size it treats you as for crits, the same way I just recently added "CRITSIZE" to affect the weapon size. I'll put that in the next update (and possibly the called shot thing too... I started on it last weekend but ran into a few problems and didn't finish).
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    Version 0.95

    • Made undead immune to fatigue checks.
    • Added a "CRITCHANCE: n" effect which works when on the attacker. Positive numbers increase your threat range while negative numbers shrink it. For example, if you normally crit on 20 but have CRITCHANCE:3, you'll crit on 17, 18, 19, or 20. Stacks with the already existing "CRIT: n" effect, so that if you had "CRIT: 18" and "CRITCHANCE: 2" you'd end up critting on a 16 or better. Works regardless of whatever other extension options you have enabled.
    • Added a "HITSIZE: n" effect which works when on the attacker. Treats your hits as "n" size categories large (or smaller, with a negative number) when determining how to roll which location you hit (as per Player's Option rules). Could be used to simulate attacks from higher ground, or certain magic weapons, or I don't know, really tall but still medium sized creatures. Someone asked for it, so now you have it. Doesn't do anything if you aren't using the Hit Location or Player's Option crits options.
    • Added called shot buttons to the Modifiers screen. If you're not using the hit locations or crit options of the extension, there isn't much point in using these, but if you do. it'll make sure crits hit what a called shot was aiming for. For more detail, see below.
    • Added a new "HM Called Shots" option that when enabled, changes the to-hit penalty of various called shots, expands critical threat range for called shots, and in some cases changes severity. For more details, see below.

    Called Shots

    These are new buttons on the Modifiers screen.
    • If you're not using the Hit Locations or Player's Option Crits features of this extension, there isn't much point in hitting these buttons. All it'll do is apply a -4 to your attack rolls.
    • If you are using the Hit Locations feature (but not crits), it'll also change the text in the chat window when you hit to say that you hit what you were targeting with your called shot, instead of a random location.
    • If you're also using the Player's Option Crits feature of this extension, it'll make sure that if you are doing a called shot and score a critical hit, that you roll on the appropriate critical hit table for the location you were targeting. Eye and Neck roll on the Head crit table, hand rolls on the arm crit table, and groin is on the abdomen crit table.

    Lastly, because I personally run a house-ruled version of Hackmaster, I added a "HM Called Shots" option you can enable that changes the effects called shots have. Without this option enabled, they are all simply a -4 to-hit penalty, as per Player's Option rules. Called shots in Hackmaster aren't all one flat penalty though, and also expand your crit range, so with this option enabled, you get the following effects:

    | Location | To-hit modifier | Severity Bonus | Crit Range Bonus |
    | Abdomen  | -4              | 0              | 1                |
    | Arm      | -3              | 0              | 1                |
    | Eye      | -10             | 2              | 1                |
    | Groin    | -4              | 0              | 1                |
    | Hand     | -6              | 0              | 1                |
    | Head     | -6              | 0              | 1                |
    | Leg      | -6              | 0              | 1                |
    | Neck     | -8              | 1              | 1                |
    | Tail     | -6              | 0              | 1                |
    | Torso    | -2              | 0              | 1                |

    I may eventually change these to something I like better. Right now the to-hit modifiers are based of the Hackmaster rules, but head and legs being just as difficult to hit (especially since legs are otherwise 40% of hits using Player's Option rules) seems weird. But it's what I'm doing for now. If you have any experience modifying extensions, you can look to the DataCommonPO and edit the aCalledShotModifiers array to set these values however you wish.

    Random Bonus Update: Noticed I added this a few versions ago but apparently didn't report it. If you're using the Monster Thac0 Based on HM Attack Matrix option, which ignores the Thac0 input on NPCs and calculates it from their HD instead, you can now add "USETHACO" anywhere in the "Special Attacks" section of their record and it will use the Thac0 instead. Handy for when your NPC is a 4th level wizard and you don't want it hitting like a 4 HD monster, and the like.
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    Today's big update to the ruleset broke this extension and it looks like it'll probably be a few days before I can get everything fixed up. Lots of changes. Anyone using it should disable it in the meantime.
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    Version 0.97

    • Fixed some (but possibly not all... more testing needed) bugs introduced by Tuesday's underlying 2E ruleset and CoreRPG ruleset code changes.
    • If you're using the honor rules option, NPCs can be put in Great Honor (+1 to each die rolled) or Dishonor (-1 to each die rolled) by putting "GREATHONOR" or "DISHONOR" in the special attacks section of their NPC record.
    • Added a "CRITRESIST: n" effect, which lowers the severity of a crit a character with this effect receives by n (if using the Player's Option crit rules). For example, if a crit severity of 8 was generated but the defender has CRITRESIST: 3, the final crit severity would be 5.
    • If you're using the Weapon Type vs Armor to-hit modifiers option, you can now set those modifiers directly for each armor type via their properties. Previously, it was doing it through hardcoded values by matching the armor name... for example, if the name was "leather armor", it would apply the 2E PHB leather armor modifiers. Use "Bludgeoning: n", "Slashing: n", and "Piercing: n". For instance, in 2E, field plate would normally give a -3 to-hit for slashing weapons and -1 to-hit for piercing weapons. You would represent this by putting "Slashing:-3;Piercing:-1" in the properties section on the armor record. Note that as soon as it detects a value for any of these, it will no longer try to use the default values that it used to be doing by doing name matching.
    • If you're using the "Armor Damage" option, adding "IMMUNE: <damagetype>" to an armor record's properties means that the armor can not be damaged by that type of damage. For instance, if you had some magic item called "Molten Plate Mail" or something that is supposed to be made out of glowing molten steel, you might add "IMMUNE: fire" to the properties to make that armor immune to damage from fire. Note that this is only talking about the armor itself being immune to damage... it does not confer it's immunity to the person wearing it. If you want that to happen, you should still use the "IMMUNE: fire" effect.
    • If you're using the "Armor Damage" option, you can add "Potency: n" to the armor record's properties. This value adds or subtracts to the armor's magic bonus when determining whether or not the armor can be determined by a weapon. This is mainly only useful if you want to make some armor that provides a +1 AC bonus but want it to only take damage from +3 or better weapons (instead of +1 or better, as it would normally act), or something like that.
    • If you're using the "Threshold of Pain" rules from Hackmaster, I fixed a misunderstanding I had about how they should work. Threshold of Pain should trigger if you take half your hit points or more in damage in a single round now. It used to only happen if you took it in a single hit. So if you have 30 hp and take a 15 hp hit, you'll make a Threshold of Pain check (just like always). If you instead take a 10 hp hit and then a 5 hp hit in the same round, you'll also end up making a check after the 5 hp hit. Subsequent hits after you've crossed the threshold during that round will prompt additional checks, so if you took one more hp of damage after that 10 and 5 hp hit, you'd have to make yet another check.

    As a general note, there were some big changes to the underlying 2E and CoreRPG code in Tuesday's update. I've fixed the immediate issues (like not being able to attack) and things seem okay to me right now, but given the scope of the changes it wouldn't surprise me if some other issues surface with broader testing. Please post if you run into any problems.
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