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    Version 1.02

    • Fixed a bug with creature size parsing (mainly used in the crit systems and HP kicker option) where it didn't always work correctly if the short-form size abbreviation was used (for example, "H (13' tall)") and you also had other text in there like "TOKEN_SIZE: 15".
    • Fixed a bug where the lighting/vision effects being added through the radial menu were being added with a 1 round duration rather than permanent.

    I know I still owe you a write-up on the previous update. It's a beast. It'll come eventually. Some of it is already in the readme on github.

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    Discussion for this extension will still continue here, but I'm now handling distribution of it via the Fantasy Ground Forge: https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/78/view

    Once you subscribe to it there, you should receive any updates I make the same way officially purchased Fantasy Grounds content is automatically updated.

    I'm leaving a version of this extension as an attachment in the OP, but I will not update it. That version will be the one that is compatible with the now-locked Fantasy Grounds Classic. FGC users should use that attachment rather than subscribe via The Forge.

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    Version 1.03

    Reminder, get updates now by subscribing via The Forge page for this extension, as the attachment in this thread is locked at v1.02, the last version I'm officially supporting for Fantasy Ground Classic. If you download that attachment, you'll be downloading v1.02, not v1.03.

    • Fixed an issue with NPC initiatives when using Hackmaster initiative system where they were 5 higher than they should have been in some cases when wielding a weapon.
    • Added an option "Give magic shields more HP? (if using armor damage)" which changes how magic shield durability works. Now instead of following the same rules as armor where maybe a magic weapon is needed to hurt them, or they're only hurt on penetrating dice, instead they have their HP value at each stage multiplied their magic bonus. I was finding that magic shields were too durable before and given that they already give a bigger AC bonus in Hackmaster than AD&D (+3 for a medium shield vs +1in 2e), it was causing magic shields to last a really long time and keep people at exceptionally low ACs (considering that a +2 medium shield would effectively give you 5 points of AC). With this change, regardless of the damage type or penetration, shields always take damage when hit. Now magic shields just have more HP than non-magical ones. For instance, a normal medium shield has [5,4,3] HP, meaning after 5 damage it drops one AC level, after 4 more it drops another, and after 3 more it breaks. A magic +1 shield used to be [5, 5, 4, 3] but was difficult to actually damage. Now it's [10, 10, 8, 6]. A +2 shield would be [15, 15, 12, 9]. Etc. So now you still have a great AC with a +3 shield, but a giant beating on you with a giant club will whittle it down pretty quickly, whereas without this option they might not even hurt it when hitting you.
    • Added a "Show Debug messages?" option that you can toggle between "Off", "Chat", and "Console". This is mainly for MY use, and this is specific to Debug messages in my extension, not general FG debug messages or 2e ruleset messages (which still go the console). As I add more features or fix existing ones, I'll likely add more debug code so I can see things like "How exactly did it calculate that critical hit severity?" and make sure things are working as I expect. I recommend most of you leave this on the default option, which is "Off".
    • Added a "Use 1E coin weight (10 per lb)?" option which does pretty much what it says. In 2E, coins weigh .02 lbs. In 1e, they weigh .1 lbs. This lets you toggle between those. You'll need to equip/unequip an item on characters or do something else in inventory that forces a weight recalculation for it to correctly update for players after you change it, though.
    • Fixed some code that was causing console non-harmful warnings by trying to load a non-existent font.
    • Writing "NOFATIGUE" in a NPC Record's Special Defense section caused them to ignore fatigue (if you have that option turned on). That's been there for a while. Now you can just write "NOFAT" too, because I'm a lazy typist. And this didn't change, but I'll mention it anyway... you can also put "NOCRIT" in there so that they can't be crit, and "NOTOP" so that they ignore Threshold of Pain (if you're using those options).
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    Would you recommend someone using this is they are not familiar with Hackmaster?

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    That's kind of a tricky question to answer. Yes, there are a lot of features in there useful to someone who isn't playing Hackmaster that I'd consider useful. However, if you're looking at the list of things in the extension and nothing jumps out as you as something you'd want to use, I'd skip this one. Most of the features need to be turned on once you install it anyway, so you'd still need a plan for "What do I actually want this thing to do for me?" If you're not already familiar with what the 2E ruleset can do and don't know yet what problem you're wanting to solve, I'd wait until you see something that you think would be a definite benefit.

    The "Always On" features are mostly just some new radial menus that can help the DM or Players set some attack modifiers or effects more quickly, some new effects (that are only useful if the DM knows to try to use them!), and the "Items" section on encounters for spawning monsters with items equipped.

    But yeah, you could leave every single Hackmaster option off and find the other stuff useful (in fact, I'm guessing that's what most people besides myself do). The reason it's all joined into one big extension with toggleable features is that so much of the underlying code changes are similar that it made sense to put them all together rather than try to maintain a bunch of different extensions that all modify the same area of code.

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    Known Issues:

    • If you have the option enabled for Hackmaster-style armor damage, every time you unequip or equip items in your inventory, your armor class gets recalculated, and assumes a base AC of 10. This means if you're a class like a monk or something that has it's base AC decrease as it levels, you'll keep getting your AC reset to 10. I'll look into ways to fix this, but for now as a workaround, you can set a character's base AC with the "BASEAC: n" effect (where 'n' is their desired AC). It works correctly with base AC set via effects that way.

    Upcoming changes (that I haven't pushed yet because I want to test them a bit more)

    • When clicking "delay" and using the Hackmaster-style initiative, you'll delay for 1 segment instead of 10.
    • Adding "Items" text entry to random encounters (just like I added for non-random encounters) so you can spawn items on creatures created via random encounters.
    • Fixing an issue where weapons spawned via the "Items" line on encounters (rather than the base 2E ruleset "weapons" line) weren't adding themselves to the character's actions list.
    • Adding an "/hmcrit" console command to generate specified crits. Usage: /hmcrit [damage type (s,p, or b)] [#severity (1-24)] [#location (1-10000)]. So for example, "/hmcrit p 20 2000" generates a severity 20 bludgeoning crit to whatever location "2000" is.
    • Changing Hackmaster (not Player's Option) crit messages to be seen by the GM only, since many of the effects are things like internal bleeding that the player might not be aware of.
    • Finally got around to disabling the saving throw that was getting rolled when receiving a Hackmaster crit (Player's Option crits are the only ones that should make that saving throw).
    • Changing the "Sterno's Fumbles" fumble option to be Hackmaster fumbles, except with a D&D 3E style "confirm" roll first. Basically if you roll a 1 and fumble, it rolls behind the scenes again to see if your second roll is also a miss. If so, it generates a Hackmaster fumble. If the second roll is not a miss, it displays a message saying that a fumble was averted. Will either rename this option in the future or change it to be severity-based fumbles (in the same way that Hackmaster has severity-based critical hits).

    Will likely push these changes after my Sunday night game if I don't run into any bugs with them during that session.

    Edit: Ran into some bugs. Will likely update on September 27th
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    A new build is now live on Forge. In addition to the changes mentioned in the previous post, it has:

    • Fixes issues where some buttons on top of the character sheet (Delay, Act, Done, etc) couldn't be clicked anymore because of a CoreRPG change that removed double-click functionality from those controls. They are now single-click buttons.
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    • Fixes a bug introduced in the last build where creature size for crit purposes was always coming back as Medium.
    • Adds a new effect, "DEFENDSIZE: n", which treats your size when receiving crits as 'n' size categories larger (or smaller, if the number is negative). So for instance, a medium sized creatures with the "DEFENDSIZE: 1" effect would be treated as a large creature when receiving crits. This effect is the counterpart to the already-existing "HITSIZE: n" effect, which was what treated the attacker as a different size for crits.

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