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    The Spy Game 5E character sheet

    This is a simple character sheet for the Spy Game by Black Cat Gaming.

    It is built on top of the 5E ruleset so most of the ruleset automation is available to you in the game. It should also work with most 5E compatible extensions.

    It isn't licensed by Black Cat Gaming so it's a bare bones, add your own data extension. I used the simple grey theme because it looked espionage theme, but it should work with any theme. I avoided messing with the baseline to allow for as much versatility as possible.

    I have provided a mod with the skill descriptions, but the skill descriptions simply reference the location in the quick start or beta document of the game. These were included so it didn't generate an error if you click the info button.

    If you don't have the quickstart rules and are interested, they are free on DriveThruRPG at

    Special thanks to Damned and Trenloe for their assistance getting this off the ground.
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    So making a character for the first time, it occurred to me that backgrounds cannot change ability scores or movement rates, but races can. So my advise, if you are going to add your own data would be to create a Human (background) for each background where you can put out in the size, movement and modifiers, and then the background with all the normal background stuff. Then you just tell the player that the background and race should match. That should correctly apply the background info and also add things that are normally relegated to race like size.

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    I'm getting an error when I load this extension:

    [ERROR] Unable to locate extension file. [thespygame] [campaign/template_char.xml]

    I'm assuming it wasn't included in the .ext file? It doesn't seem to have an impact on the usability of the extension.

    And thank you esmdev. Your info saved me hours of frustration. It seems to me that Black Cat merely combined the 5e concept of race under "Backgrounds" so you have to separate these out to build it correctly.
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