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    Unity.................. what will the future bring...............

    Now that unity is up to speed with the classic, what are we going to see in the future with Unity. Sound? antimated tokens? antimated spell effects? other?........ thanks

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    I don't think the devs are looking at adding new features now (I'm not trying to speak for them though).

    There are still bugs to work out (as can be seen in the recent posts in this sub).

    As far as the future is concerned, they will probably use the wishlist as a guide.

    Some things will be lower priority (based on votes) and/or unable to do, like #1 item for multiple monitors, the Unity engine has some restrictions on how multiple monitors are used that don't work well with FG (more info here).
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    Change...the future brings change...
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    As Sulimo has pointed out, we are still focusing on making sure FGU is running smooth before we jump to new features for the platform. We do welcome any suggestions or ideas through the Idea Informer in my signature and work from that list to discuss new features. But future is bright, better bring the shades :P
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