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    Bug: Extraneous links from story window that overlaps chat window

    Possible bug. I had just finished a practice combat session in the 5E Sample Campaign and went back to the story window to redo that 50 - Combat Tracker scenario. Dragged the story window over to the left, overlapping the Chat window. I ended up with some extraneous link icons that moved with the story window. (See attached image, below the valid story window links). Closed the story window, they went away. Reopened the story window and when I used the mouse wheel, there would sometimes be one or two that flashed right near the bottom of the story window, but they were not persistent like I had seen before.


    Ruleset(s): D&D 5E

    New Campaign / FGC Migrated Campaign: New Campaing

    Extensions/Themes: None

    Modules Loaded: D&D 5E SRD Bestiary, D&D 5E Data, D&D 5E SRD Magic Items

    Operating System / Language Setting: Windows 10 1809 (so, a lonnng time since a feature update)

    Graphics: NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, Driver version 441.08, standard. DirectX 12.0

    I tried several things to try and get it to happen: shrinking the unity window down from 2 screens to 1 screen which I had done along the way, changing the size of the story window larger/smaller, scrolling the story window, but other than a few flashes, it did not happen again.

    Steps to Reproduce: Unable. This is an FYI in case others see something similar.
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    Thanks for reporting. I haven't seen this, but may be related to resizing the application window, which I've added a task to review. It doesn't correctly update the floating windows sometimes until they are moved again.


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    Just as an FYI, when this did happen, the extraneous stuff persisted across moving the Story window from place to place. It is certainly possible that I had resized the overall application window before that - I do that quite a lot, because I have two monitors and can't undock windows, of course.

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